Home Redesign Ideas – 8 Stylish Projects

3D wall panels in bedroom

Every home could use a makeover from time to time. It’s not only about making your home look good, but also adding features that offer additional benefits such as insulation and fire resistance. Depending on the products you choose, you can enjoy these benefits and more when you install ceiling tiles and 3D wall panels. Continue reading below for home design ideas – 8 stylish projects with ceiling tiles and 3D wall panels.

Create a Warmer Space

During the winter months, your heating bill most certainly rises and, in the summer, it’s all about keeping your home cool. The larger the room, the more it will cost to keep it comfortable throughout the year. Which is why a drop ceiling is such a great idea for large spaces or rooms with high ceilings. Your drop ceiling can cover the entire ceiling or, if you prefer, it can cover a portion of the ceiling. By lowering the ceiling slightly, you will decrease the overall size of the room without actually sacrificing any space. Lighting can be incorporated into your drop ceiling for an even more spectacular visual effect. Drop ceilings are most popular in areas like living rooms, entertainment rooms, and dining rooms. Drop in ceiling tiles make it easy to install your very own drop ceiling without any previous experience.

Give Your Room a Theme

Ceiling tiles are available in a wide variety of colours and designs. Faux tin ceiling tiles have a stunning 3D embossed design and there are several colours from which to choose. If you want to give your room a medieval theme, for example, copper or a similar colour will prove ideal for your faux tin ceiling. Depending on how much space you have available and how tall your ceiling is, you could even add a medieval-style chandelier for added effect!

Cover up Damage

Not all home makeover projects are purely for the purpose of improving the style of the room. Sometimes you really need to invest in the appearance of a room due to damage. Water damage to a ceiling can leave an unsightly mark. No matter how many layers of paint you apply, this kind of damage might never be fully concealed. Although the leak is no more, that ugly ceiling is a constant reminder. Glue up ceiling tiles is a fast and easy solution.

You will only need to clean the surface and stick your tiles in place! It really is that simple. So, if any of the ceilings in your home has suffered damage or even if you want to rid yourself of that hideous popcorn ceiling, you should consider quality ceiling tiles.

Brighten up the Room

Every room needs a little bit of colour. In some rooms, you might prefer a more neutral colour scheme. However, when it comes to rooms like your child’s bedroom, colours are just what you need! Just as our bedrooms are our sanctuary, kids also need their own personal space. Polystyrene ceiling tiles provide the perfect solution. They are available in various designs and they arrive unfinished which means that you can paint them any colour or colours you like! Plus, these tiles can be repainted just like your regular ceiling. The only key is to always use the appropriate paint as recommended by your ceiling tile supplier.

Add Luxury to Your Bedroom

Nothing says luxury better than a gorgeous headboard. With faux leather wall panels, you can install your very own headboard. There are various designs from which to choose and several colours too. Since you are installing individual panels, you can make the headboard fit your bed size perfectly!

Give Every Rom that Special Feature

stylish faux leather panelAccent walls are fast becoming one of the top trends in interior design. 3D wall panels are excellent for helping you create an accent wall in any room! That’s right, you can add an accent wall to your living room, dining room, bedroom, and even your bathroom! 3D wall panels are available in various materials. Some of these are better suited for humid environments than others. If you want to add an accent wall to your bathroom, make sure that you choose panels that are resistant to high levels of humidity. Don’t forget to enhance the 3D design further with the help of upward or downward facing lighting.

Add Style and Privacy

Partitions or divider walls could be permanent or temporary depending on the setting. Either way, when you want to create such a barrier, you do not want it to become an eyesore. With 3D wall panels, you can separate spaces like your living room and dining room, for example, and add style while you’re at it!

Create the Perfect Bar

If you have a bar or want to build one, you should always consider using faux leather panels around the exterior of your bar counter. This way, you can use old or unfinished wood to build your bar and cover it all up with some stylish 3D wall panels instead of paying more for the perfect wood. It’s also a lot quicker than having to sand and finish the wood yourself.

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