How to Make Your Home Pop with Ceiling Tiles

ceiling tiles with art deco pattern

It’s amazing just how often we tend to overlook the amazing decorative potential of ceilings in our homes. Most property owners have become accustomed to plain white ceilings. While they do not necessarily harm the aesthetic appearance of the room, they certainly do not help it either. Simply put, a plain ceiling holds the key to making the rest of the decor pop. Ceiling tiles are a popular solution for a number of reasons. If you are new to the idea of decorative ceilings and wish to know how to enhance your interior décor, continue reading below.

Dark Tiles

decorative dark brown tilesThere is an old rule when it comes to light and dark colours. For the most part, lighter colours are preferred for smaller spaces while darker shades are often used in larger rooms. This is because dark colours can make the room feel smaller, while the opposite is true for lighter shades. That said, if you choose the appropriate texture, a dark colour could be just what you need to make a small room appear that much more spectacular. When opting for a dark ceiling, you should ensure that your floor is darker while your walls remain as light as possible without creating an unsightly contrast. It’s also essential that the room receives plenty of natural light so that it does not take on the appearance of a cellar, attic, or similar dimly lit space. Your furniture and other decorative items should also be lighter in colour. If you only use dark accessories, the room will seem very small and will hide the beauty of the ceiling design you have chosen. In other words, you want your ceiling and your floor to be the only significantly dark features in the room.

Bold Colours

Don’t be afraid of colour when it comes to your ceiling. More often than not, this is the one space in where you can fearlessly express yourself. Remember, we all have our favourites when it comes to colour combinations, but we should always be open to something new and exciting. A colour wheel is really handy when picking combinations. Interior design experts and florists alike use colour wheels for this very purpose.

There are several colour combination options that can make a space truly stand out, such as those that are opposite one another on the colour wheel. For example, yellow and purple, or orange and blue, look superb together. The contrast created by a warm and cool colour somehow makes these pairings absolutely superb. If you plan on painting your ceiling tiles, you should also keep in mind that there are a number of designs that allow for portions to be painted one colour, while another section can be different or left as is. This usually works best with relatively simple designs.

Drop Ceiling

Ceiling tiles can be installed in a number of ways, one of which is the drop-in method. This requires the tiles to be either dropped into a frame system or stuck onto existing tiles. Either way, drop ceilings are an incredible way of making a statement in any room. Remember, you do not have to install a drop ceiling over the entire area. You can install a smaller section in the middle of the room, over a selected area like your dining room table or the centre of your bedroom. Drop ceilings are especially fantastic in rooms with plenty of vertical space, but are not recommended for ceilings that are already low.

Additional lights

brown ceiling tilesLighting plays a vital role when it comes to your ceiling decor. The good news is that ceiling tiles, whether glue-up or drop-in, offer great flexibility when it clomes to the lighting in each room. A tall ceiling would look fantastic with some faux tin ceiling tiles and the right chandelier, for example. Modern ceiling tiles are often best paired with spotlights and similar fixtures that are embedded into the ceiling rather than protruding from it. The lights you choose can make or break your ceiling tile design, which is why it’s very important to keep these factors in mind when selecting your tiles and installation method.

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