Go Big or Go Home – Have Your Ceiling Speak Volumes with Ceiling Tiles

beautiful ceiling tile decoration

When we imagine the perfect home, we often think about having the right colours, designs, and lighting. The one element of any room that tends to be the most neglected of all is the ceiling. While we imagine how we will spruce up the walls, redo the floors, and replace furniture, it’s the ceiling that usually receives little to no attention. The fact of the matter is that a plain ceiling will not have any impact on the style of the room. You might not feel like you’re missing out on anything special, but once you see the dramatic effect created by ceiling tiles, you will wonder why you never made this change sooner! Design professionals agree that when it comes to decor, go big or go home – have your ceiling speak volumes with ceiling tiles!


polystyrene tilesThe first decision that you will need to make is the type of material you want to install. Styrofoam ceiling tiles are lightweight, easy to install, and can also be painted. PVC ceiling tile designs are replicas of heavier and more expensive options like tin. Faux tin ceiling tiles offer the advantage of being lightweight and will not cost nearly as much as the real thing. Some might say that the intricate designs of PVC tiles makes them more attractive. Others agree that by painting your polystyrene tiles, you can achieve the perfect look to match the rest of the room. It really boils down to personal preference as far as materials are concerned. Either way, they will attract plenty of attention!


Each design is made with a particular theme in mind. From medieval and oriental to country, classic, and art deco, there are plenty of fabulous options available. The best way to ensure that your ceiling has the most impact is by ensuring that it suits the theme of the room. You want it to stand out for all the right reasons and not stick out like a sore thumb. For example, you would not want to install medieval style ceiling tiles in your modern themed living room. You will either need to rethink your entire design plan or opt for a more modern-looking ceiling tile.


Apart from the actual 3D embossed design, you will also need to choose the right colour. You may already know that dark colours have a way of making a room seem smaller while lighter colours create the impression of more space. So, keep this in mind when deciding between shades.

Colours like antique brass, gold, and silver are ideal for a more rustic or country feel. Other shades, such as off-white, beige, and various pearl shades can be used in other settings. Your colour selection can mean the difference between an eye-catching ceiling and one that feels completely out of place.

Incorporate lighting

When planning your new ceiling design, you will need to choose between glue-up and drop-in installation. The installation method you choose will help determine the way you incorporate your light fixtures. If you opt for a drop-in installation, for example, you will need to ensure that the light fixture is properly secured and not suspended by the PVC ceiling tiles. Self-supporting ceiling tiles are strong and durable, but are not designed to hold this kind of weight.ceiling with faux tin tiles


Installation method

If you have a relatively low ceiling, it is best to opt for the glue-up installation method. This ensures that your tiles do not take up any extra space and will not make your room feel too small. Drop ceilings are great if you want to lower your ceiling slightly, which is perfect when you want to reduce your energy bills. After all, the less space you have to insulate, the less work your heating and cooling systems needs to do. Drop ceilings also have a wonderfully dramatic effect, especially if you install one in the center of a room with concealed lighting. Drop ceilings can also be installed above certain areas, like your kitchen island, in the middle of your living room, or even in your bedroom.

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