5 Colorful Interior Design Solutions with Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels

bedroom with wall panels

Color is one of the most important factors when it comes to interior design. Different colors help create different environments and, while some colors work well together, others do not. Here are 5 colorful solutions to interior design with ceiling tiles and wall panels.

Painted Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles

white textured ceiling tilePolystyrene ceiling tiles are affordable, lightweight, and they can be painted any color you like. There are a number of patterns from which to choose. When selecting your pattern, make sure that you already have your colors picked out. This way, if you plan on using more than one color on your ceiling, you can choose the best design for your painting plans. All polystyrene tiles arrive unfinished which means that they are white when they are delivered. You can choose to paint the entire tile or only parts of it. Whether you use one color and leave certain aspects white, or you use multiple colors, it will help emphasize the design. If you use a single color and cover the entire tile, it can make the pattern less obvious.

Carefully Selected Lighting

When it comes to installing 3D wall panels, color is very important. Just as important as the design itself. The one thing many people don’t realize is the fact that you can opt for a colorful design or you could choose plain white and use lighting instead. You can use regular lights or colorful lights if you prefer. Either way, the lights shining up or down along the wall will help highlight the 3D design and give it an even more dramatic appearance.

Aged Finish

Ceiling tiles are available in various materials, designs, and colors. Faux tin ceiling tiles, for example, come in a number of beautiful colors. If you want to give your room that authentic aged appearance, then you need a ceiling to match. Aged brass, copper, gold, silver, or turquoise are all fabulous options when creating the perfect medieval or Victorian setting. Make sure that you choose the appropriate furniture and other fixtures to carry this theme throughout the room.

Natural Wood or Stone Look

Looking for a more natural touch in your home? Well, there are 3D wall panels that are designed to replicate the look of stone and wood. Available in various colors, these panels help you give any wall that beautiful raw look. While most people might think that these designs are best suited for country style settings, you would be surprised to see how well they can work in modern homes too. The stone designs are particularly lovely thanks to their shades of gray.

Warmer Environment

interior design with wall panelsIf you want to give a room that warm and welcoming feeling, it’s important that you choose the correct colors. Warm colors include yellow, red, orange, and other colors that contain similar properties like gold, bronze, brown, and so on. Both ceiling tiles and 3D wall panels are available in various colors. Many of which are warm colors. If you choose a dark wall design, make sure that the color of your ceiling is not too similar. In most cases, it would be best to opt for a lighter-colored ceiling. If your ceiling is on the darker side, then your accent wall should be lighter in color so as not to make the room feel too dark and small.

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