Talissa Décor was recently mentioned on the Marylin Denis show on an episode called How to DIY Your Way to Your Dream Kitchen! Watch the DIY Kitchen project episode here and its successful outcome. Celebrity Interior Designer Cheryl Torrenueva featured four Thermoplastic Wall Panels (used as ceiling tiles) that Talissa Décor currently stocks and you can find below. Cheryl mentions the TWPs at the 8:08 mark of the video link.

So Why Should you Chose Thermoplastic Wall Panels?

thermoplastic-wall-panelsWhen thinking about adding a touch of class to any room in your home, consider TWPs. They range from a traditional to modern look. Other major reasons to use it:

–      No using grout. Which means no mess to clean up

–      Simply glue it to your wall. You can use a polyurethane construction adhesive like Titebond

–      If you don’t like the colour in the future, you can simply paint over it

–      TWPs are heat resistant up to 140 F (60C)

–      Easy, no-fuss installation and great for DIY projects

The 4 TWPs Featured on the Show:

Cheryl showed 4 stylish TWPs on Marilyn Denis show that can easily be installed as ceiling tiles. The Dunes Wall Panel gives a simple, yet modern look sure to get your friends and family talking when they visit. The Artnouvo Wall Panel in a weathered bronze finish gives any room a classic rustic-look harking back to an era of hand-crafted decadence. The Ledgestone Wall Panel in Portland cement has pleasing look to give any room a muted, yet distinguished styling. And the Empire Wall Panel in brushed silver is an elegant paneling that can open up any room with its light color and classic pattern.

TWPs are the Right Choice for Any Project

All of these TWPs can also be used as ceiling tiles showcasing their versatility when you are thinking of doing a simple DIY project or adding it to a full-scale renovation project. Cheryl has used Talissa Décor ceiling tiles on many past projects as noted on the Marylin Denis show and added. “I love the fact that you can recreate a traditional or modern transformation using these wall panels.”

Talissa Décor has the Right TWP for You

Whether you chose from one of the four featured TWPs as mentioned above or one from the selection Talissa Décor carries here, you are sure to be pleased in choosing a paneling that fits your desired look in any residential or commercial setting. If you need an assistance in finding the right TWP, please contact us. We are more than happy to help you!