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Looking to upgrade the look of your living room, bedroom, or commercial space with something that will set you apart from the others?Look no further than 3D wall panels.These panels will give depth and style to any room of a house as well as a wide variety of uses in the commercial sector.These panels are made from natural sources and are completely eco-friendly. With many different textures and style there are many different looks and combinations that can be put together.Similar to how paper is made, 3D panels are made from bamboo mulch similar to the paper making process.The panels are thin and attach to the drywall with an adhesive.Once attached the 3D wall panels can be painted, with the use of a primer to ensure great coverage.

The main product that the 3D wall panels are made from is bamboo pulp.This resource is renewable and sustainable having been widely produced for other uses there is a ready-made production facilities.The 3D wall panels being made from plant materials they are completely biodegradable and they will compost similar to paper.

The ease of installation of the 3D wall panels allows anyone to be able to order, install and paint the panels their selves without any special training or tools.Installation of the 3D wall panels could not be easier.The panels can be cut with a sharp utility knife by running the blade over the cut 3-4 times to ensure the cut is straight and the blade will penetrate.Once the panels have been cut and laid out they will need to be glued to the wall using an adhesive such as a solvent-based contact cement.To conceal the joints a paintable silicone filler or white drywall compound can be used to fill the joints between panels and then painted over.To paint the panels any paint can be used to spray the panels however it is recommended that the panels be primed before painting to provide a better surface for the paint to stick to.Once the panels are on the wall and painted that is all there is to do.The 3D wall panels provide a low maintenance wall covering option.

If you want to add style to any room of your house or office space the 3D wall panels will add texture and modern style to the room.For a low cost and low maintenance alternative to a custom tile or rock-textured wall, the 3D wall panels excel at providing a different look to a room.Other uses for the 3D wall panels could be offices, retail lobbies, restaurants, trade show exhibits and many more.The 3D wall panels could be the modern touch that you are looking for in any room of your house or office.

You can find more information about the panels here.

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