Hello everyone,

We received this email last week from our customer :

We recently retro-fitted an old trade show display frame with your 3D-51 wall panels for the unveiling of our new lighting product company at the ASLA Expo in Denver, CO. We had tons of compliments on the backdrop and were very happy with how everything came together! When I placed the order, the person I talked to had asked that we send along some photos of the finished project. Our only regret is that we didn’t get better photos!


Brian Colson
Color Edison

Needless to say, that those kinds of feedbacks makes our day every time we get it – no matter how often it happens 🙂 We are especially pleased when our customers find their own nontraditional ways to use our products. We believe that by sharing those creative ideas we can inspire others.
Here are the images from the show :


To decorate their booth they picked panel 3D-51 . Please note – even though panels are white – playing with different colors light sources you can get an effect of beautifully painted wall.



The installation of 3D wall panels is very simple and it require no special tools or skills. If you have any questions regarding those panels – our staff will be more than happy to answer all your questions.
Thanks for reading, good luck and a lot of inspiration to everybody!