Bedroom Wall Panels


Wall Panel Application in Bedrooms

There’s a reason why so many people fall head over heels in love with rooms in really nice hotels.

Because the master interior designers that create these warm, welcoming, and indulging spaces understand exactly how to put together maybe the most perfect bedroom imaginable – a bedroom that will perfectly resonate with any guest that stays at that hotel.

You think that since we live with ourselves 24/7 we be able to put together a bedroom that perfectly suits just our own needs right down to the ground. Unfortunately, most of the time nothing could be further from the truth.

Instead of being a place of rest and relaxation, our bedrooms become cluttered, overwhelming, and anything but welcome and inviting. This is especially true if we don’t have that much available real estate to play with when it comes to the dimensions of our bedrooms to begin with.

Thankfully though, with wall panels, ceiling tiles, and a couple of design tips and tricks that we here at Talissa Decor highlight below, you should be able to completely overhaul your bedroom space faster than you ever thought possible.

Let’s dive right in!

Figure out the flow of your room and build around it


The most important thing you can do – and the foundational aspect of design that EVERY high-end hotel knocks right out of the park is focus on 

“circulation” and flow in your bedroom and then build every aspect of your bedroom off of those pathways.

There’s a reason why almost every single hotel (regardless of the brand or business behind it) has the same kind general layout. It’s because that layout flat-out works, is warm and welcoming universally, and allows for subtle changes to be made in the overall design that elevate that particular space.

Make a mental path of how you use your bedrooms right now, and then make a mental path how you like to use your bedrooms going forward. You’ll be able to create a much more comfortable bedroom almost immediately with this single trick alone.

Find the right furniture for your space


Furniture that is too small or too large for a space is ALWAYS going to make your

bedrooms look less than inviting, and it’s critical that you do all you can to find the perfectly appropriate sized furniture for the space you have.

This can be a little bit tricky, but it’s critical. The right size furniture is going to give significant proportions to the rest of your bedroom design, will immediately feel a lot more comfortable, and will have you enjoying spending time in your bedroom a whole lot more than you may have been right now.

Don’t forget about your walls and your ceiling

It’s easy to forget about your walls in your ceiling contributing significantly to the overall design of your bedroom, but it’s important that you do everything to not allow these critical design areas to fall in the cracks.

Wall panels and ceiling tiles can add a tremendous amount of death, a lot of decorative elements, and a whole host of visual appeal without overloading your space or chewing up valuable real estate in your bedroom.

The right ceiling tiles can completely transform a space from top to bottom, and when paired with wall panels that are effortless to install (the same way that the ceiling tiles from Talissa Decor are) you won’t find it difficult to create a space that is truly special.

The ceiling tiles and wall panels we make available here at Talissa Decor. are going to help you transform your space without any special tools necessary, without any installation experience necessary, and in as little as a single afternoon.

It doesn’t get much better than that!