Living room Wall Panels


Wall Panel Application in Living Rooms

Transforming your living room, one of the most frequently used spaces in any home, is never going to be as simple or as straightforward as a lot of folks make it out to be.

Sure, you will have an almost endless amount of design options to pick and choose from when it comes time to design your new living room – all those choices will inevitably result in a fair share of overload and overwhelmed, crippling your ability to pull off the perfect living room interior design.

Thankfully though, with the help of our professional interior designers here at Talissa Decor, finding the right wall panels, ceiling tiles, and other design elements shouldn’t be any challenge whatsoever.

Instead, you’ll be able to overhaul your living room almost completely and faster than you ever thought possible. Use the tips and tricks below to help you with, and choose the best ceiling tiles and wall panels available here at Talissa Decor to knock your new living right out of the park!

The size of your living room will dictate design choices

Above everything else, the size of your living room is going to dictate the kinds of design choices you should be seriously considering.

Smaller living rooms should focus on a more minimalist approach to wall design and ceiling tiles, as you can easily overload small spaces with too much design, too much depth, and too much of a decorative touch.

Larger living rooms come on the other hand, allow you to play a little bit more with wall design and ceiling tiles. You’re going to be able to add panels and tiles with a little bit more depth, a little bit more design, and a little bit more style to them for sure.

The size of your furniture, the height of your ceilings, and the overall design language you are shooting for will also inevitably have a big impact on the kinds of wall panels and ceiling tiles you select.

Do you want your wall panels to stand out or blend in?wall-panels-in-living-room

You’re also going to want to consider whether or not you want your wall panels and your ceiling tiles to stand out and become a focal point of your living room or kind of “blend in” to the background while adding more subtle style along the way.

These wall panels in ceiling tiles that we carry here at Talissa Decor are effortless to install, easy to implement, and can pack mountains of style into every square inch or can give you a more subtle look and minimalist approach to overhauling the look of your living room.

It’s really up to you.

How much depth and character do you want your wall panels to present?


The depth and character of the wall panels and ceiling tiles offer will change the look and feel of a space all on their own.

Some of the design elements we make available here at Talissa Decor have incredible depth, quite a bit of style, and can add texture to a space all on their own that wouldn’t have existed in that space otherwise.

Other wall panels and ceiling tiles are flatter in nature, without a lot of depth in without a lot of decor flair, but may be better suited to smaller spaces or more minimalist approaches to your interior.

At the end of the day, it really all boils down to what you’re trying to achieve with your new interior.

Do you want your living room to showcase extreme design elements that draw all the attention to themselves, or you are you looking for your living room to be warm, welcoming, and inviting without being the center of attention at the same time?

Regardless of what you’re looking to achieve, we here at Talissa Decor want to help make that possible!