PVC ceiling tiles and wall panels offer a number of benefits. Before deciding how to give your ceiling or walls a new look, it’s important to understand what these PVC products have to offer and how you can make the most of these benefits.

Easy to install

PVC tiles and panels are lightweight and easy to install. They are made from durable PVC which means that each panel is light and easy to mount or glue in place. Some ceiling tiles can be installed using the drop in method or glue up method. Both of which are easy enough to do yourself without previous experience and without hiring a contractor. This also means that you can help keep renovation costs to a minimum by doing the installation yourself. Installation should begin from the center of the room, and you should work your way out towards the edges. Each tile is designed with a slight overlap for that perfect finish, and you will only possibly need to trim the tiles that form the outer edge. While the PVC material is durable, it is not extremely thick which means that trimming can be done with a sharp cutting tool.

Water resistance

Walls and ceilings tend to be somewhat porous, and this can allow moisture to be absorbed which later results in mildew. Not only is this a health concern but it’s also particularly unsightly. PVC wall panels and ceiling tiles stop water in their tracks. This is why they are so popular for use in rooms where humidity and water levels are high. Install these tiles and panels in your bathroom or spa, and you won’t need to worry about nasty mold again!

Affordable style

Faux tin and 3D tiles make it possible for home and business owners to enjoy the beauty of the real thing without the huge price tag. The colors and designs of these tiles give them that authentic appearance without adding excessive weight or breaking the bank. When you invest in PVC panels, you really are getting the best of both worlds!


There are dozens of designs on the market, and each design is available in various colors and color combinations. This means that it is that much easier to find the perfect fit for your home or business. These panels and tiles are perfect for residential use as well as in corporate settings and commercial locations like bars and restaurants. They are designed with certain themes in mind (such as antique, vintage, and modern) to ensure that the tiles or panels you choose, will suit your décor. They can also be painted should you decide to change your color scheme and you would like to update your tiles rather than replace them.

Minimal maintenance

These tiles and panels do not require any special care. They can be cleaned with water, a cloth, and mild soap if necessary. This means that they are easy to maintain and they are a wonderful hygienic choice since mildew and dirt cannot make itself at home on these surfaces.

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