Building a home office doesn’t seem like a big deal. It’s finding a spare room, putting in a desk, a computer and a chair and voila—you have a home office! For some of us, this might be the case (and the easiest.) It is a little bit more complex than that if you want your home office to truly work for you. Afterall, you spend a lot of time in between these four walls—maybe 20 or 40 hours a week or more doing work. That’s a lot of time to spend anywhere much less work. That’s why Talissa Décor has put together this article to help you build a home office that gives you a great opportunity to work better from home.

Paint the Room in a Calming Colour

Choosing the best colour for your home office is very important. It must be personal and must inspire you (even in a subconscious level.) Maybe its blue or a tan colour or even plain white. Choosing a colour that you like for your home office gives it that feel it is your space. Not a place for the kids to play in or a space to lounge.

Try Wall Panels

Complete room or partial wall panels are a great way to give an added dimension to your office space. It can provide inspiration or give a richer feel to the room. If simply painting the office isn’t cutting it, wall panels are one of the easiest ways to make your home office your personal space immediately.


You Need a Ceiling Fan

A Ceiling fan is a definite must if you are spending a lot of time in your home office. It provides circulation as well as cooling you off in the summer. You can buy one for under $100 and one that matches your room colour scheme and style. A ceiling fan is a great investment for your home office.

Hard Wood or Laminate Flooring

Choosing either a hard wood or laminate flooring is a personal decision. It’s a good idea to remove carpet because it keeps mildew and dust around more easily. Laminate flooring for example is easy to sweep and clean of dust or spills. If you do like carpets, you can definitely use a small throw carpet under your chair.

Ceiling Tiles that are Easy to Clean

Even a plain ceiling tile can give your home office a great look, but the health benefits are excellent. Ceiling tiles are extremely easy to clean and maintain. Even plain ceilings are a bit more difficult to clean and even slight cracks can be distracting when noticed. Ceiling tiles can also provide an individual imprint to the room just as wall panels can do.

You need a Mini-Fridge

One of the major distractions of having an office at home is having your kitchen so close by. Eliminate that by getting a mini-fridge for your home office. Keep fresh water and some snacks in there. This will help you avoid wasting time going to the kitchen and becoming distracted.

Organizational Units

Investing in organizational units can save space and avoid clutter. Getting two or three smaller shelving units is better than just one big one. Pick lighter colours instead of black and play around with where the units are best in the room. The best tip is avoiding too much clutter in your home office. Utilize any organization units (which includes storage units on wheels) to make your home office easier to maintain order and get the stuff that you need.

A Wall Mural Is a good idea

If you don’t really want wall panels, consider getting a wall mural. Talissa Décor has dozens of wall murals to fit the way you want your home office to look. There are all sorts of great wall mural desires ranging from texture to architecture to floral—whatever one that can get you in the work-mood is well worth the investment.

Natural Light (& some good blinds)

Positioning yourself around the window is a great way to get some light in when you are doing work. It is also important to get some much needed sun—its good for your health. It’s also a good idea to install a decent blind to keep the sun out to keep you focused.

Plants are Needed

Have one or two plants in your home office is an excellent idea. Plants are like a natural air purifier and give a little colour to your work area. Take some time in selecting a plant that you find visually appealing and suits your style. Plants also bring a calming effect to sometimes a tense work day.

Even if you take away one or several ideas compiled here, you will see instant improvement in your home office. You perhaps work many hours at your home office. Make it a comfortable and personal experience that maximizes your productivity.