3D wall panels offered by Talissa Decor come in dozens of great styles and eye-catching colors. It gives any residental and commercial setting a new twist to room decor. Here are 5 reasons why 3D wall panels are a must for your next room reno.

1. Environmentally friendly. 3D wall panels are made from environmentally friendly materials including faux leather, thermoplastic, hardwood and plant fiber.

2. Easy to clean. One of the biggest bonuses to getting 3D wall paneling for your renovated room is that they are so easy to clean. Whatever paneling you choose, whether it is faux leather or plant fiber using simple cleaning agents like vinegar and warm water can be used for quick clean up. This is especially important if the room is used heavily by children or a high volume area like in a bar or restaurant.

3. Used as an accent. Using a few 3D wall panels in a room can do wonders. There are several instances where Talissa Decor has utilized only a few wall panels to give a room an amazing new look without much effort. Since 3D wall panels comes in dozens of modern and distinct styles, you can easily transform a drab or boring room into an exciting area. One tip is utilizing indented areas to install the wall paneling or using light behind the paneling to convey a mood within a room (ie. Bar or club setting.)


4. Easy to install and replace. 3D wall panels can easily be glued to the wall or attached by fastening them to a frame. They are light weight meaning that any do-it-yourselfer can easily install these wall panels without much worry. As well, 3D wall panels can easily be replaced without much hassle if one becomes damaged for whatever reason.

5. Durability. 3D wall paneling has proven to be a sound investment for many of our satisfied clients. 3D wall paneling is a great solution for people who want a beautiful modern look in any room in either a business or home setting while not sacrificing durability. If properly maintained, 3D wall paneling may last for decades and if you wish to change it, the paneling can quickly and easily be replaced with other paneling models or can even be painted over.

Talissa Decor has about 50 3D wall panels in stock for you to choose from. Below are a few samples of popular panels that you can consider for your next reno project.