Many homeowners find it easier to decorate the larger rooms of their house rather than the smaller ones.  When you have a large open space, you seem to have more options than you would with a smaller room. However, this is a common design misconception and, thanks to the many wall murals and ceiling tiles we have today, even the tiniest of rooms can enjoy magnificent style and elegance!

When decorating your home, it’s all about self-expression and letting your dreams come to life. Instead of holding back and sticking to the usual colors and patterns, step out of your comfort zone and you’ll see just how many fantastic ideas await.

Ceiling Tiles

One of the most neglected spaces in any room is the ceiling. In so many homes they are simply painted white or an off-white color while most of the emphasis is placed on the walls, furniture, and even the floors. Even if you don’t spend most of your time with your head tilted upwards, you will still notice the fabulous effect of a perfectly decorated ceiling. Now, you need not opt for the most basic designs. You can choose something like a Faux Tin Backsplash Tile to cover the ceiling of your bathroom or other small spaces like a walk-in closet. It’s in these smaller spaces that the most intricate designs are truly appreciated. Their style and finer details will not get lost as they can across a larger surface area.

Wall Murals

lace-wall-muralMurals are a popular, easy, and effective way of adding an accent wall to any room. The best thing about wall murals is that they can be used to cover a large wall or a small one. An important point to remember is that, unlike wallpaper, murals should cover just one wall to attract your focus immediately as you enter the room. It will become the focal point of the room, and this means that the rest of the walls should be painted or covered with a neutral color to compliment the colors used in the mural itself. Ornamental murals are great because they are made up of intricate designs that have a way of drawing you in. Like a fine work of art, the longer you stare at them, the more details become apparent and the more attractive the mural. Floral murals are also incredibly popular, and you will find them available in various colors. While some designs offer photo-like perfection, others take a more abstract approach. There are darker designs as well as lighter, pastel colors to choose from which means that decorating your wall need not make the room seem smaller.

With so many superb design options out there, it’s easier than ever to make those smaller spaces in your home that much more inviting. When choosing and trying on an outfit, the right setting can help boost your mood, confidence, and help you make brilliant style choices. Similarly, instead of that cold and unfriendly bathroom space, you can brighten things up with just the right ceiling tiles and beautiful wall mural to match. Take a look at our wide range of products at Talissa Decor and enjoy giving small rooms the attention they need!