Business owners know just how important it is to make a positive impression on customers as soon as they enter their premises. A properly decorated office will make your clients feel welcome, and it will reflect your professionalism. Of course, not all businesses have a limitless budget, and this can make many people think that an office makeover is financially impossible. Fortunately, there are some fantastic ways of improving your office space without forking out a fortune.


Freshening up your office walls with a new coat of paint is one of the cheapest and most effective ways of giving your workspace a new look. When repainting, you can choose to keep the color the same or you can choose an entirely different color scheme.


Different kinds of lights have different effects on a work or living space. There are warm lights that emit more of a yellow light, and cool lights that emit a whiter light. You want to ensure that you provide enough lighting that your visitors won’t have trouble reading or completing forms. White, cool lights are popular for this very reason. That said, fluorescent lights are extremely bright and hard on the eyes. For those who are particularly sensitive to light, these kinds of lights can even cause headaches. Apart from the type of light, your fixture designs can also help improve the overall design of your office. Choose modern designs for a modern office or something with more of a vintage look if the rest of your furniture and design fits in with this theme.

Decorate your walls

Your walls might seem like the perfect place to share your company story or show off some of your proudest accomplishments. This design trend is no longer as popular as it once was and customers are looking for décor that will make them feel welcome rather than marketing ploys. So retire those old corporate pictures and replace them with a wall mural or 3D wall panels instead. Remember, you need only focus on one wall in the room, and it need not even be the largest! The purpose of an accent wall is to create a dramatic transformation with minimal change.


Ceiling tiles

The ceiling is often one of the most neglected areas of any room. We tend to focus on the walls, floors, and furniture before we give the ceiling so much as a second thought. It’s a pity because the right ceiling tile can define the style and theme of a room. From faux tin and leather to Styrofoam, ceiling tiles are now lighter than ever, and this makes them that much easier to install. DIY installation means that you need only budget for the cost of the ceiling tiles and a few other materials to get the job done. Remember, there are dozens of models to choose from, and they range from the most subtle styles to the very definition of dramatic.

New furniture

There are few things worse than having to take a seat in the waiting room only to find that the chairs are terribly uncomfortable. Your office furniture should not be too hard nor too soft. The more comfortable your customers, the more likely it is that they won’t mind a short wait. Remember to ensure that your furniture matches the theme, style, and color scheme of the room.

Get rid of the old

A new look means getting rid of anything that appears old. If you have an item that serves as a memento of the day your company opened its doors, then this is an exception. That said, the item should at least be presented in a suitable frame, boxed display, or labeled as such. Old items like clocks, for example, that look worse for wear, should be replaced.

Add a bit of life

Many businesses brighten up their offices by using plants and flowers. Plant hire companies will provide you with fresh plants and rotate them out regularly to ensure that your office always has the very best looking greenery. Fresh flowers will need to be replaced every couple of weeks or so, but if you can find very high-quality artificial plants or silk flowers, you might be able to avoid regular replacement expenses. Different plants and flowers are priced accordingly which makes it that much easier to stick to your budget.

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