Here at Talissa Décor, we know that your style is as unique and individual as you are. We understand the importance of representing yourself and showcasing your individuality. Creativity is what makes us who we are, and it’s important to express ourselves with our fashion and design choices. This is why Talissa Décor has the largest selection of ceiling tiles and wall décor in all of Ontario. As one of Canada’s premier interior decoration outlets, we take your personal style very seriously. Our vast collection of ceiling tiles, crown moldings, backsplashes, 3D wall panels, and wallpaper are unparalleled by any other retailer.

With our impressive selection, you’re likely to find the right ceiling panels to match your unique style. If you’re anything like we are, you love the traditional eras of art décor. There’s definitely something out there for everyone!

Are you an antique lover? Do you love classy gold accents on dark wallpaper? Maybe you’re a little bit spookier than your normal, boring friends? Then try decorating with a Victorian inspiration.

Do you prefer clean lines and classy, wooden furniture? Have you ever fantasized about living in a clean, bright cabin somewhere in the sprawling European countryside? Then perhaps mid-century modern is more to your tastes.

Learn how you can use the one-of-a-kind ceiling and wall coverings from Talissa Décor to create each of these five iconic era-specific looks. From our specialty wallpaper to our non-traditional wall panels, you can begin to create any of the follow styles.

Mid-century Modern:

The mid-century modern style celebrates the innovations made at the turn of the century and achieved it’s height of popularity between 1933 and 1965. When you think of classy homes from the 1950s, this is probably the era that is coming to mind. It was strongly influenced by international and Bauhaus movements.

Try a splash of Talissa Décor’s textured wall murals to achieve that mid-century look. The look of weathered wood will give you the mid-century modern style you never knew you needed.




If you’re entranced by bold colours, antique furniture, and glamorous detailing –  you’re definitely an old soul. And you’re going to want to look into Victorian décor for inspiration! Are you a little darker in your tastes? Do you love dusty old antique shops?

There are so many unique ways you can incorporate the Victorian style into your home by using Talissa Décor ceiling tiles. Check out our collection of Antique Whites, they will definitely give any room a royal Victorian edge.



1960’s Revival:

Are you a true hippy at heart? Do you love the colour palate of the sixties? We’re talking orange and turquoise and brown and all of the fun earthy meets bubble-gum combinations that would make Austin Powers proud. If fun colour, shaggy rugs, and big bold lighting fixtures are your thing, then Talissa Décor knows what you need.

Consider browsing our collection of funky ornamental wall murals, or ask us about our new selection of colourful wallpapers! Our collections of wallpapers are brand new and we’re super excited to show them off. Think colour and get back to a groovier style era.

Art Deco:

If you’re entranced by the simplicity of bold black and white stripes and get told your tastes are a little bit gothic and antiquated… this is your era! Splash some gold accents where they matter most and you’ll start to achieve an art deco flair. There are so many ways to incorporate this style into your home with Talissa Décor. Pretend you’re a background character from The Great Gatsby: rich, beautiful and only a few feet away from Leonardo DiCaprio.

For more info on how to achieve that art deco style, check out our article on the subject.


Are your walls neat and tidy? Do you have a tendency to be a neat freak? We hear you. Sometimes less is more. Texture is great, but it should hold a subtlety and not over bare the rest of the room. Clean colours, preferably white or silver, can take precedence when aiming for a true art deco style.

Maybe you don’t identify with any of the iconic art styles.  No worries. You can definitely take inspiration from each category to quilt together your own unique flair. No matter what your tastes are, you’ll definitely find a way to stand out with the impressive collection of ceiling and wall furnishings from Talissa Décor.

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