Your bedroom is where you spend a significant amount of time. Apart from sleeping, you also use your bedroom to get dressed, relax, and many people love reading in bed. The main goal of this room is to help you relax, unwind, and recharge for the following day. All the more reason to turn your bedroom into a soothing sanctuary. The good news is that anyone can do just that with the help of these handy tips.

Accent wall

An accent wall can give any bedroom a completely new look and feel. There are some fantastic wall murals out there that can totally transform your bedroom. Make sure that you look for something with a calming effect such as a forest scene or similar designs. These designs are easy on the eyes, and they have an instant calming effect on your mind. There’s nothing better than curling up with a good book or snuggling with your loved one in such an environment. Remember, an accent wall is just one wall in the room. Choose wall space that will not be blocked by furniture and put it to great use!


bedroomHeadboards have come a long way over the years and, today, we see more and more homeowners choose wall panels instead of conventional freestanding varieties. Wall panels come in various colors, shapes, sizes, and styles. There are some superb faux leather varieties that make the perfect backdrop for any bed. You can choose to cover all or most of the wall, or you can cover a smaller area that lines up with your bed. Once your wall panels are in place, you will immediately notice how much more welcoming your bedroom has become!

Linen change

Fresh new linen is another great way of transforming your bedroom into a sanctuary. Keep your linen as simple as possible in terms of colors and design. Basic colors like brown, beige, and off-white work well to create a look that embraces nature. Green is known for its soothing properties and, if you are designing a bedroom for a child or student, the color green can help make their room the perfect place to focus and study.

Fresh paint

Even if you change everything in your room, that old wall paint can throw it all off. Once you have planned your color scheme, linen choice, accent wall, and other design elements, you can then choose an appropriate color accordingly. Another great tip is to always choose your paint a shade or two lighter than you think you would like. While you might like a particular sample color, it always appears darker once all your walls are covered.

Rethink lighting

Your lighting can either help you relax or the exact opposite. Soft lighting is ideal for bedrooms, and you may also like to add a bedside lamp for reading and other purposes. If you have a bedroom vanity, you should have some dedicated lights for doing your hair, putting on makeup, and other grooming needs.

Bed canopy

If your bedroom is large enough and if it suits the design or theme of your bedroom, a canopy can make your bedroom that much more welcoming. There’s something about the way the drapes line all the corners of the bed that gives it that much more appeal. Again, it’s essential that your bedroom is large enough since a canopy above your bed will require a significant amount of space.

With all of these design tips in mind, it’s also very important to ensure that your bedroom has somewhat of a minimalist feel. Of course, you need to keep a number of personal items in your bedroom, but they should be stored properly. Clutter can completely throw off your efforts to create a sanctuary. Depending on your budget, needs, and preferences, you can use one or all of the tips mentioned above. At Talissa Decor, you will find a fantastic selection of wall murals, 3D wall panels, and other accessories to create a bedroom that dreams are made of!