Ceiling Tiles for Spas

ceiling tiles for spas

When it comes to spas, the best thing you can offer your clientele is a space that exudes peace and tranquility. Known to be the beacon of relaxation, a spa’s visual aesthetics are just as important as the services that are being offered. For example, a client is more likely going to enjoy spending time in a room with simple, neutral hues such as turquoise, violet and beige as opposed to a bold colours and crazy patterns.

Beyond the paint of the space, the design of the room is another vital component that must be addressed. And one feature of design, which is often overlooked, and frankly underrated, are ceiling tiles. These decorative materials can add significant value to a space, as well as easily tie a room together. What may seem dull and plain can quickly be transformed into a  haven of rejuvenation with the right selection.

A Shell Shock

What better way to relax than with a view that’s reminiscent of the serene ocean? This clam shell ceiling tile is the perfect addition to decorative materials in spas. Whether you want it in white, or another colour, we’ve got you covered.

229 Antique Copper Faux Tin Ceiling Tile

Calming Whites

Sometimes a modern touch is all you need to emanate a calming vibe. This gorgeous ceiling tile is fit for any room in a spa – not only does it create depth, it simplistic yet stylish design is unlike any other.


Elegant Vines

If a chic look isn’t what your spa is about but you don’t want to go down the path that leads into the woods, look no further. Our nature-inspired ceiling tile combines the art of a luxurious finish with the natural beauty of green vines.

202 Patina Copper Faux Tin Ceiling Tile

Pretty Connections

If you’re looking for a beautiful ceiling tile fit for a spa – that embraces both the simplicity of design and the regalness of art, this one’s for you.

Patina Copper

Repetitive Patterns

At times, repetitive patterns – depending on the colour, create a sense of comfort. This is particularly important when it comes to ceiling tiles in spas. Especially since, some treatments involve clients looking at the ceiling. If you’re searching for a peaceful addition, this tile is right for you.

153 Silver Faux Tin Ceiling Tile

Even though we’ve narrowed down some of the most popular ceiling tiles for spas for you to see, you can browse our full selection of ceiling tiles here: https://www.talissadecor.com/

At Talissa Decor, we offer both PVC and styrofoam ceiling tiles for wedding venues. If you’re looking for light-weight yet durable tiles, or tiles that can be easily installed – we have got you covered! In fact, our glue-up ceiling tiles require nothing more than a steady hand, some glue, and some cutting tools to get the job done all on your own. If you think a particular tile look is better suited for the wall instead of the ceiling – you can use it on the wall! Whatever it is you may want, our huge range carries the perfect ceiling tiles to enhance any kind of space!