Ceiling Tiles: PVC or Styrofoam?

room with pvc ceiling tiles

Both Styrofoam and PVC ceiling tiles come with their lists of pros and cons. What you need to realize, in this case, is that each type of tile is perfect for certain settings and needs. So at the end of the day, there is no ‘better option’ – simply a ‘better fit’.

109 PatinaPVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a low maintenance tile that is made from plastic. Widely popular and often used in a plethora of building industries such as healthcare and retail, this lightweight material is a true delight. Not only because it adds a beautiful touch to your space, but it also offers wide variety of options. From drop-in, faux tin, glue-up, among others – the opportunities with this transformation are endless.

Suitable for residential and commercial use, our 2×2 PVC ceiling tiles come in the form of simple squares to elaborate designs, and everything in between. Whether you’re looking to transform a commoner’s den into a royal palace, or spruce up an existing masterpiece, we’ve got what you’re looking for. Check out our inventory 2×2 ceiling tiles here.

If you’re looking for more decorative and extravagant options, our 2×4 ceiling tiles are the right selection for you. Often used for themed spaces, like resorts and hotel – our drop ceiling tiles include a little something for everyone. Choose your pick right here and let your imagination of possibilities run wild!

RM02 Polystyrene ceiling tileA Styrofoam ceiling tile, on the other hand, is an affordable option that doesn’t necessarily compromise on quality of material or design. They are the perfect solution for someone looking to add a designer touch to a space without breaking the bank. These tiles also come in a plethora of styles and are completely easy to maintain. In addition, they are so versatile that they can even be painted over to fit the decor of any room. So, if you’re on a budget, or simply do not believe in spending a lot of money to achieve your desired vision, look no further. Go through our simple yet elegant designs here and find your perfect tile!

Even though both PVC and styrofoam ceiling tiles are well-known tile types – and can be installed by virtually any contractor, or any space – we, at Talissa Decor, believe installations should be DIY kind of easy. In fact, we’ve even added DIY installation guides to facilitate the process. All you need is a steady hand, some glue, and some cutting tools to get the job done all on your own. If you think a particular tile look is better suited for the wall instead of the ceiling – you can use it on the wall! In fact, if you think your ceiling needs panels, we’ve got those too. Whatever it is you may want, our huge range includes ceiling tiles for all occasions – so you can easily enhance any space!

We deliver all around the USA and Canada. Check out our inventory of PVC and Styrofoam ceiling tiles right here.