How to Create a Perfect Home Interior

Modern home design is all about staying minimalistic and adding creative accessories that work together to bring a unified look to a room. If you’re a fan of DIY projects, then paintable styrofoam ceiling tiles are the perfect choice for you. They serve many purposes such as hiding wiring, enclosing ductwork and lowering the height of the ceiling to preserve energy.

It’s all in the color

The color scheme of your room is largely linked to the theme and vibe of the rooms. If you have a small room and you fit dark colored ceiling tiles, it will make the room seem much smaller. Darker colors are best for larger spaces while light colors should be used in smaller rooms. The wonderful thing about styrofoam ceiling tiles is that they can be painted to the color of your choice. Customization is key to getting that perfect look for your space, and it’s fairly easy to achieve.

Here’s our quick guide on how to paint ceiling tiles:

Create an accent wall

Sure, they look great on the ceiling, but ceiling tiles are an amazing solution for creating an accent wall. If it’s hard for you to visualize the end result, here are some suggestions:

Living Room

decorative tiles

Warm brown colors will make your living room look cozy, and antique patterns and designs will surely achieve that special touch of luxury that lasts. If you’re a fan of the classic but still want to make that living room stand out, you can opt for all white ceiling tiles with beautiful designs.


The best thing with ceiling tiles is that they can be used to decorate any room, including your bathroom. Stainless steel and tin ceiling tiles are growing in popularity since they are not only a beautiful sight but are also very resistant to corrosion, which means they outlast many other building materials.


bedroom wall decorative tiles and accents

Your bedroom is your getaway oasis, which is why it is very important that you choose the right decorations. For example, all white ceiling tiles with some gold patterns are the perfect choice for someone who wants to open their eyes in the morning and feel like a royal.

Be Bold

Overall, try to stay away from the traditional and think outside the box. There are always new ways to give a new look to the old without overspending.

Out with the old and in with the new

Home Interior overhaul doesn’t need to be expensive, it is a myth. The plan is to be smart and frugal about it. Revisit all the pieces that you own, match it with your vision and if it doesn’t align, recycle! A great way to get rid of old decor items is to hold a sale or even put it up on Facebook Buy/Sell groups. You might even find a good bargain for a new piece for your home on Facebook!

Don’t shy away from being sentimental!

Family and loved ones are what make a house a home. Don’t be afraid to show off your memories with them. Framed picture walls along the hallways or creating stylized accent walls with decorative tiles are a good way to honour these memories.

Play with patterns

Using patterns in your home interior decor can be intimidating, however, there is a simple rule to follow – less is more. Repetitive design used sparingly across the house can help tieing in the decor. It is crucial to understand the space of your rooms before you implement these changes. If the room is small, the patterns should be used delicately. Geometric, abstract, motifs and animal print all of these patterns in colour variants can help you personalize your decor and add a unique touch to your home.

Stylize those walls

3D wallpapers and wall panels can achieve a stylish look with the least effort. Kids rooms are the ideal places to use these as they can be used to customize the look and feel of the room. The wallpapers can also be changed every few years as they grow up to match their new aesthetic choices.

Backsplash your kitchen

The kitchen can be the messiest room in the house because of the food and the constant footfalls. The key to keep the kitchen looking spick and span is to cover up the surfaces with backsplashes that are vulnerable to food stains and damage. Backsplash adds a stylish element to your kitchen and adds functionality by protecting those surfaces.

Add mirrors

mirrors for home decor

Mirrors of varying sizes can easily be added to each room to improve the lighting. Mirrors make your home interior appear larger, and they can be used creatively to highlight the best features.

Home Decor FAQs

How can I make my home beautiful in a tight budget?
Repurposing is key to get that unique look at next to no price. Repurpose those bedsheets into curtains or table cloths. As mentioned above buying new items through Craigslist or Facebook Buy/Sell groups are a great way to find something cheap and unique. Have a ton of stuff you don’t use anymore? Recycle or sell them to make space for new stuff.

How to use basic design principles to decorate your home?
Balance is key to interior design. Find a focal point in each room before you start buying decor. Follow the rule of thirds and odd numbers to decorate your place.
Ensure that a smaller space has light tiles and mirrors to reflect the light and make it appear larger than it is, avoid dark decor in this case.