8 Home Decor Tips for Canadian Homes

living room ceiling tile home decor

Home decor is a personal choice. The style and look of houses in Canada are often driven by preferences and functionality. If you want to amp up the style quotient of your living space, there are many ways you can choose to redecorate your house.

Making stylish additions to your space adds a personal touch. Colourful tiles, ceiling tiles, wallpapers and 3D wall panels are also a great investment if you are planning to resell at a higher cost.

Here are some ways you can reinvent your space:

Out with the old, in with the new

home decor ceiling tiles and 3d wall panels canada

Depending on the extent of the change you want, updating your home with new furnishings will instantly make it look brand new.

Adding a backsplash to your kitchen

kitchen backsplash tiles canada

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s a place where people congregate, share meals and precious moments. The backsplash is a great decor addition to the kitchen as it adds style and functionality. It prevents the walls from getting damaged or stained, especially if it is near a cooking surface. From having a minimalistic style with white backsplash tiles on your kitchen to a carefully placed design, the options are endless. 

Highlight the living rooms in your house with ceiling tiles

living room ceiling tile home decor

Ceiling tiles can instantly transform your home. Living rooms make for ideal choices for this makeover. If you like entertaining at your home, having an accent wall with decorative tiles or a stylish ceiling could make the place more inviting and set an ambience.

Take an off-beat choice by stylizing the entranceways and passageways of your home

styrofoam ceiling tiles

These areas of the home are a great way to display your memories. These areas can be decorated with photographs and a stylish polaroid of the memories shared by your family. If you are tight on budget, you could even create accent walls with decorative and popcorn tiles to revamp these spaces instead of extensive renovations.

Tie in the decor of your bedroom with creative decor accents

decorative tiles in bedroom talissa decor

Faux tin ceiling tiles can make for a spectacular addition to your room. Like in this example, the metallic tiles tie in with the room’s colour palette. It is perfectly coordinated with the furnishings and the decor accessories. If subtle and minimalistic aesthetic is more your style, crown mouldings are a better choice.

Bathroom tiles

Running a bath after a long day at work is easily the best thing you can do. This me-time can be exceptionally better if your bathroom looks the part. One way to do this is to have the shower area fully tiled with the pattern and print of your choice. Colourful floor tiles are also a great option. One thing to keep in mind when redecorating your bathroom is to have one single thing as a focus and build around it to create a seamless decor. If this is not done right, it does tend to look cluttered and stuffy. Keep in mind to assess the square footage of your bathroom before making colour choices, using dark colours in a tiny bathroom could make it look even smaller.

Stairway accents

tiled staircase paris monochrome

Have a multi-storeyed house? If you are in no mood for major home renovation but want an easy upgrade, there is an easy hack. Decorate your stairways with accents. This is fairly easily done especially with glued-in tiles. You can play with various colours and textures to achieve a surprisingly spectacular look.

Fireplace accents

fireplace decorative tiles

A fireplace is a common area to congregate and share stories. Why not have it stylized? The mantle can sport exquisitely designed tiles, from decorative to styrofoam tiles. his space could become central to making memories.

Mix and match any of these tips to create a personalized decor suited for your family. They will surely make your space cozy and more welcoming.