Ceiling Tiles in Pizza Places – Charming and Elegant Design

Nothing beats the warm atmosphere of your local pizza place. The smell of hand-made dough topped with spices and mouthwatering toppings is what makes the distinct atmosphere of a genuine pizza joint. Pair that with some tasteful rustic decor and you’ve got yourself a pizzeria that your guests will love.

In order to achieve the look of a true pizza place, you have to be creative. The lighting, the furniture, the pictures on the walls, everything in it has to be set up to make your guests feel comfortable. So how do you achieve that authentic look at an affordable price? The answer lies in the walls, or wall decor, to be more precise. Ceiling tiles, wall panels, wall murals and backsplash panels can be your strongest ally in this adventure. Faux tin and styrofoam ceiling tiles are a great way to achieve originality and give your space a certain theme without overspending. Here are some examples to get the ideas flowing:

Make it bright

Contradictory to the popular opinion that pizza places should feature dark colours (with brick and wood dominating the space) why not take the ceiling game to the next level and introduce silver tones like Joe’s Pizza did with our TD05 Faux Tin Ceiling tiles? By choosing faux tin ceiling tiles, you get a wide array of options that keep the authenticity of a real pizza joint, but still introduce a fresh look.


Stick with the classics

The beauty of pizzeria decor lies in the details. The pictures on the walls, the decorative pieces and light fixtures – it all has to tell a story to the guest. The ceiling is no exception to the rule, and the way you decorate it will either make or break the look. In this case, Delmar pizza hit the bullseye with our #204 faux tin ceiling tiles to achieve the warmth of a classic pizza joint. We have lots of options for faux metal ceiling tiles for sale to help elevate your space!

ceiling tiles in pizza places
Pair ceiling tiles with unusual light fixtures

Modern light fixtures and ceiling tiles make a perfect combination. For example, Il Posto Pizzeria did an amazing job by combining our #150 faux tin ceiling tiles with modern light fixtures that give the space just the right amount of accent.

ceiling tiles and light fixtures
Get creative with walls

Remember, ceiling tiles aren’t just for ceilings. Opposite to what their name suggests, they actually make for a nifty wall decor solution. Check out how AS Bambino paired our #148 ceiling tiles with natural wood patterns to achieve a perfect blend.

ceiling tiles wall decor in restaurant

With quality service and creative decor, your pizza place can become one of the most popular hangout joints within the community. It’s just a matter of having your own vision and sticking to it. Make sure your pizza place tells your story! The best way to achieve this is through little decorative pieces that give your space a unique personality.

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