Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Oklahoma

ceiling tiles in Oklahoma

We take pride in supplying our customers with the finest 3D designs on the market. Available in various materials, our products are designed to suit different rooms. From your bedroom to your bathroom, we have something for every room. Even those with higher levels of humidity.

Apart from the wide variety of materials, we also have a wide selection of designs to suit different styles and preferences. You will love how our ceiling tiles and wall panels in Oklahoma City transform any space.

Authentic Appearance

wall-panels-in OklahomaBy investing in quality materials and holding our products to the highest standards, we ensure that our wall panels and ceiling tiles look their best for years. When you want the beauty and authenticity of tin ceilings or leather accent walls, you don’t have to spend beyond your budget.

Our faux tin and faux leather products are the answer. While they look just like the real thing, they are significantly lighter, cheaper and they do not require any kind of special maintenance.

We offer a wide selection of colours too. This makes it easy to choose a product that will suit your décor while ensuring that your faux surface maintains its authentic appearance.

Our designs are by no means flat or 2D. We opted for 3D designs to help give our tiles and panels added depth and texture. This is also why they have such a realistic look. Being lightweight, they are easier to install than the real thing and you don’t even need to hire a contractor.

Not only will you save money on the products themselves, but you will also save by performing the installation yourself. We are happy to provide detailed installation instructions as well as professional advice. We can even help you calculate the number of panels or tiles you will need.

Perfect for All Rooms

Whether you have added a room to your home or you have decided to renovate an existing room, our products will make this process so much easier. Not to mention the amount of money you will save in the short and long term.

When selecting wall panels or ceiling tiles, remember that the design and colour you choose should suit the décor while reflecting your personal preferences and personality. This is the best way of making any space truly personal.

Convenient Delivery

wall murals OklahomaAfter selecting the wall panels or ceiling tiles to suit your needs, all you need to do is complete your order and let us take care of the delivery. We deliver throughout Canada and the USA. Which means that you can expect us to bring style to your door anywhere in Oklahoma City.

Same day shipping is available if you order before 1 pm EST on a business day. Alternatively, you can choose between overnight, next day and regular shipping options depending on your needs.