Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Portland

ceiling tiles in Portland

Our high-quality ceiling tiles and wall panels in Portland are as beautiful as they are easy to install. We provide full installation instructions that are easy to follow and you will not need a large collection of specialised tools.

Whether you choose to install using the glue up or the drop in method, you can be sure that our lightweight products are easy to work with and you will enjoy fantastic results right away.

Quality Ceiling Tiles And Wall Panels

faux leather panel in PortlandOur wall panels and ceiling tiles are made from the very best materials. By investing in the best, we are able to supply our customers with products designed to stand the test of time. Once installed, you will enjoy the perfect ceiling or wall for years.

Our products do not require any special maintenance or cleaning supplies. In fact, it is best to avoid using any chemicals on these surfaces. You will only need to dust these surfaces on occasion in order to keep them looking their best.

We supply a wide variety of products in several materials. In many cases, you will need to select a colour when placing your panel or tile order. In other cases the products may arrive unfinished. They can remain as they are or you can paint if you like.

Repainting is optional and at the discretion of the property owner. While there is no need to repaint as you would a regular ceiling or wall, it is an option if you wish to change the colour scheme of the room.

Easy Remodel

There is no need to hire a professional to perform the installation of our 3D wall panels or embossed ceiling tiles. This means that you will save money by installing our affordable products and by performing the installation yourself.

You can transform any space without spending beyond your means. Remember, wall panels do not need to cover all of the walls in a room. They are best applied to a single wall as an accent feature that will stand out even more.

Portland Delivery

ceiling tiles PortlandWe offer delivery throughout the USA and Canada. Delivery options include next day, overnight and regular shipping. We also offer same day shipping for orders placed before 1 pm EST on business days.

Our fast delivery anywhere in Portland means that we help keep your renovation plans on schedule.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can also rely on our helpful team for professional advice and assistance.