Ceiling Tiles You Can Use to Transform Your Home

ceiling tiles

When designing your home, you will find countless different options you can use to make your space your own. However, with the large variety of decor to choose from, it can sometimes be difficult to pick, you are, after all, picking a design you will have to live with for many years to come. 

While some may not consider the ceiling an important part of home decor, having a beautiful ceiling can really change the whole room and give it a brand new, luxurious atmosphere. There are many ways to decorate your ceiling and while you could go with a simple coat of paint, installing ceiling tiles is much easier and will leave your space looking fantastic. 

The Benefits of Ceiling Tiles

At Talissa Decor, there are many ceiling tile models to choose from with many styles, colours, and patterns. Each model available comes in a variety of finishes so you are sure to find something that will fit your space. Our ceiling tiles are made from thermoplastic vinyl (PVC) and are lightweight, making installation a breeze. They are also very durable, are fire tested and rust-resistant. Because of this, most can be used in either a residential or commercial setting.  

Installation of ceiling tiles is as simple as applying some glue or just popping them into place if you have the proper ceiling brackets.

Here are some great ceiling tiles you can use to create something unique for your space!

TD03 – Faux Tin Ceiling Tile

This TD03 design has a great bronze finish with lovely patterns that will make your space look like a piece of art. The design would work particularly well in a rustic or classic setting. 

TD10 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile

This TD10 ceiling tile design has a beautiful, almost floral pattern and comes in a variety of different finishes. The colours of the finishes are white, gold, bronze, platinum, and more, so you are sure to find something that will match the already established aesthetic of your space.  

278 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile

The design on this ceiling tile is perfect for a modern space that is trying to go for a minimalist style. They come in white, cream, bronze, gold, and more. The 278 design has a contemporary, natural style that will go along with minimal home design.

281 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile

If you are looking to add something unique to your space, the 281 ceiling tile is for you. The sporadic pattern tiles can be used in the traditional sense or could be positioned to create an entirely new pattern all your own.  

TD25 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile

The TD25 provides a luxurious look with its embossed pattern over a single coloured background. There are many combinations of colours to choose from like gold and black, gold and green, gold and bronze, all white, and much more.  

TD01 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile

The simplistic design of the TD01 gives a very distinct appearance that will surely draw the eyes upward. This tile would work well in a rustic or classic setting and comes in gold, bronze, silver, and more.   

This is just a small sample of all of the wonderful ceiling tiles you’ll find within the walls of Talissa Decor. 

Decorating your ceiling is a must if you want your space to have a luxurious look while also looking complete and cohesive. Thanks to the large selection of ceiling tiles you’ll find at Talissa Decor, finding the tile that will perfectly complement your space is as easy as giving us a call or visiting our location.

You can check out the wide variety of ceiling tiles and other wall decor products that we offer by visiting us.

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