DIY Home Decor: When, why and where should you install ceiling tiles?

DIY Home Decor Ceiling Tiles

Faux tin ceiling tiles are one of those DIY home decor solutions that look amazing in any space. But how do you know when it’s the right time to start redecorating your ceilings and walls? That’s what we’ll try to answer in this article:

  1. Bored in the house?

    Why stare at the same old boring ceiling day after day when you can easily take on a DIY home decor project and make it look unique? Installing faux tin ceiling tiles is the perfect project to kill some time while you’re at home, and it significantly improves your living space.

  2. Don’t want to spend too much time on a DIY home decor project?

    Believe it or not, one of the main reasons why you should install ceiling tiles is the fact that they are so easy to install. You won’t have to do any drilling or cover up your furniture and make a mess out of your home. Plus, ceiling tiles are the most convenient way to elevate the look of our interiors without overspending. Usually, when one thinks of redesigning spaces, they think of extensive renovations that will take a lot of time and money to finish. That’s not the case with ceiling tiles. You wouldn’t believe just how easy they are to cut and install. All you really need is a ladder, ceiling tile glue, scissors and enough tiles so you don’t run out. That’s about it. 

  3. Need to cover up some damage on your ceiling?

    Faux tin ceiling tiles will hide those ugly water stains on your ceiling. Styrofoam ceiling tiles are great for covering up popcorn ceilings. Within just a few hours, you can have a brand new ceiling without making a mess in your home. Plus, they’re so much better than regular paint because they add depth to your rooms.

How to choose a style?

We’ve covered the when and why you should install ceiling tiles, but how do you choose the style that’s right for you. The answer to that lies in what look you’re after. If you’re going for a modern design, then some geometrical, 3D patterns will be just right for you: 

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Change it up!

If you`re looking for a major change we suggest going for bold lines with strong finishes. They’re the best solution for bedrooms and communal areas because they add some depth to the room.

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An antique look

If you want to go for the antique look, we suggest some intricate designs. 

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Classic is modern too!

You can also just stick with the classic style that looks good in any room. 

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Once you finally start looking into ways how to improve your home,  you`ll notice just how many options you have with faux tin ceiling tiles. Just pick your style and get creative!