Cozy Winter Home Decor: Ceiling Tiles & Wall Panels

cozy winter home decor

With winter chill looming over us, now is the perfect time to invest in turning your home into a cozy oasis. There are a number of ways you can go about doing that. For example, you can incorporate accessories around your home, such as adding throw blankets on the couch for that snuggly comfort. You can even crank the heat up, or turn on the fireplace for that touch of warmth. Or you can add warmer tones, colours and components to create that welcoming feeling. Another excellent way to create coziness is by adding select ceiling tiles and wall panels around your home. In fact, this method also adds that element of redesign and can even completely transform the look of your space with little effort.

Accent Walls

An excellent way to add some depth and warmth to your space is by adding an accent wall. The best part of this integration? You can add an accent wall virtually anywhere; from your bedroom and living room to your office and kitchen. The possibilities are endless. Ideally, to warm the space up – you want to go for darker tones, such as browns, oranges, and reds to really add that element of coziness.

dark accent walls

Adorn Products

One great thing about both wall panels and ceiling tiles is that they can often be cut and reshaped to fit around other objects. For example, by creating a wrap around an electric fireplace not only are you bringing more attention to your centerpiece, but you’re also adding an additional layer of warmth to the space. You could do the same thing behind a bed. Instead of using a plain headboard, you can use ceiling tiles. It will have a small effect, on a much larger scale, making the space appear warmer. Moreover, you’ll also be incorporating depth by choosing padded or textured ceiling tiles, or wall panels.

textured ceiling tiles

wall panels decor

Charming Character

Give your home some additional character by selecting ceiling tiles and wall panels with a little extra oomph this season. With so many patterns and designs to choose from, adding texture to any given space instantly adds some warmth.

white wall panels

The image above shows exactly how easily you can incorporate coziness to a space. Even though the entire room is ‘cool’ toned, with white walls and elements – the accent wall tiles it all together and makes the entire room look inviting. Part of that is because padded or cushioned wall panels create the illusion of comfort. Another part of that is because the wall panel isn’t plain. Even something as simple as a gold bar design can really elevate and enhance the overall look of a space. Now imagine how much more comfortable and inviting the decor and room would appear if the colours were warmer.

Spotlights Additions

If you want to create an inviting space, add warm toned ceiling tiles and you’ll achieve the look you seek. However, if you’re looking to further enhance an already inviting space (i.e. you already have ceiling tiles in your home), simply add recessed lights within your ceiling tiles. Take movie theatres as a classic example of a warm and inviting. Their ceiling features spotlights, which adds the element of warmth and makes the area look enticing and appealing to the masses. If that example doesn’t cut it for you, look at the image example below. Albeit a commercial space, wood decor intensifies the cozy aesthetic. You simply cannot go wrong by adding recessed lights. The only suggestion we can give is that you probably want to opt for yellow spotlights over the cool white ones in order to beat the winter blues.

recessed lights within ceiling tiles

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