Top 5 Ceiling Tiles in 2020

top ceiling tiles

There are a multitude of benefits of adding polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tiles to your residential or commercial property. For starters, these decorative tiles are not only lightweight, they are also extremely easy to install to any given space. Moreover, they are available in a plethora of different models and colours – to fit any aesthetic – or create any aesthetic – in any given room. The best part of these ceiling tiles is that they are completely waterproof and as such, will never rust. So on-going maintenance is a non-issue. All you need to do is use our ceiling tile installation guide and you’ll be greeted with a fully transformed room before you know it. Here are the top 5 ceiling tiles in 2020:

TD04 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile

The TD04 Faux Ceiling Tile is a gorgeous piece that belongs to the Signature collection. Not only does its 3D embossed pattern create an authentic look of “real tin” tiles, this particular type has a wide range of patterns available to choose from. You can either use it as a drop in or glue-up and each tile covers 4 sq.ft of area. This medieval style has a Class A fire rating and can be used for both commercial and residential spaces. So if you’re looking for a light-weight and easy to install ceiling tile, that exudes sophistication – this is the one for you.

TD 10 – Salt and Pepper Ceiling Tile

The next ceiling tile on our list is the TD 10 Ceiling Tile in the Salt and Pepper finish. Like the one mentioned above, this ceiling tile can be installed in the standard 2×2 t-bar grid system. As long as it’s a plain surface, like drywall or plywood, these tiles can easily be installed – completely transforming your residential or commercial space. The best part about this ceiling tile is that if this particular finish isn’t your ideal kind, there are a plethora of others to choose from. Though, if you’re looking to elevate the grandeur of any room, the Salt and Pepper finish is your best bet.

TD 04 – Weathered Copper Ceiling Tile

Another style within the Signature collection that has garnered a lot of buzz this year is the TD 04 Weathered Copper Ceiling Tile. With all the great benefits as the other two ceiling tiles mentioned above, this particular tile emulates nostalgia, bringing those who enter the residential or commercial space in which the tiles are installed back to royal times.

250 Silver Faux Tin Ceiling Tile

From traditional vibes to modern aesthetics, the 250 Silver Faux Tin Ceiling Tile has the ability to turn any room into a classic yet sophistical masterpiece. Available in varying thickness and colour options, this ceiling tile from the Prestige 2’x2’ collection is a true treat. Not only is this tile paintable, you can install it easily by using either the drop-in or glue-up style. The #250 ceiling tile model has a Class A fire rating and can be used in any residential or commercial spaces.

TD07 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile

The last one on our list is the TD07 Faux Ceiling TIle. This piece is also from our Signature Collection, and it is perfect for anyone looking to add a sophisticated and luxurious appearance to any given room. This particular ceiling tile is available in 14 different colours, and like all the other ceiling tiles mentioned previously – it can easily be installed with either a glue-up or drop-in method. In order to solidify the installation, we recommend using Styro Pro or Contact Cement.

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