VIDEO: How To Install Ceiling Tiles Glue with Styro Pro

How To Install Ceiling Tiles Glue with Styro Pro

DIY installation of ceiling tiles doesn’t have to be a straining task. The Styro Pro adhesive available at our online shop is one of the best, top-quality solutions for a durable hold of your favourite decorative ceiling tiles, 3D wall panels and faux tin ceiling tiles. The Styro Pro glue for ceiling tiles and wall panels is non-toxic, water-based and completely odour free, so you can complete your project in no time and with ease. The glue is strong enough to hold styrofoam and faux tin ceiling tiles, but can also be used to install our beautiful faux leather panels (which weigh about 2 pounds). At Talissa Décor, we offer solutions that will make even the most prosaic room incredibly sophisticated. Environmentally friendly and extremely practical, our ceiling tiles and 3D wall panels will fit any decorative concept. Shop decorative solutions here: