For many, working in an office often means that they will be surrounded by nothing but plain walls and ceilings. Sure, waiting areas might be home to a painting or picture, but that’s usually as far as the style goes. What business owners often fail to realize is that improving the interior design can impact their relationships with their clients as well as the productivity of their employees.

For example, when a client or prospective client enters a bland and boring workplace, they might not feel as comfortable or impressed as they would in an elegantly decorated office. As for employee satisfaction, it’s no secret that a pleasant working environment encourages employees to come to work and even work harder! A more productive team is obviously great for business. With these two important points in mind, it’s easy to understand why the right décor is actually a wise investment.

The type of décor that you will choose for your office space will most likely depend on the type of business as well as your budget. Other important factors to consider include the size of your office. The colors you choose often depend on the dimensions of the room as well as the lighting. At Talissa Decor, we have a wide variety of ceiling tiles that will suit any professional working environment. One of which being our Antique Pearl Faux Tin. These tiles are lightweight and easy to glue to your existing ceiling. While the designs are often intricate, the color will easily blend with a wide variety of other style elements. There are a number of different patterns to choose from which means that it’s that much easier to find at least one that you love.


White Faux Tin ceiling tiles
 are also available in various styles. You can even choose between pearl white and matte white, depending on your personal preference. White is a favorite for home and office ceilings because it will compliment any style or theme. So, even if you eventually change the color scheme of that room, you won’t need to worry about replacing or recovering your ceiling.

Apart from these two options, there are also plenty of lovely Styrofoam ceiling tiles and silver Styrofoam to choose from. Take into account the type of business you run. For example, modern businesses will benefit from a modern style ceiling tile. On the other hand, a business that deals with vintage products and related services can choose a somewhat modern style, or they could embrace this time period by transforming their work space to suit this time period.

At Talissa Decor, you will also find various wall panels and wall murals as well as accessories like moldings. Once you have chosen a color scheme and the layout of your office, you should look for any empty wall space that you could use to create an accent wall. Wall murals and wall panels can both be used to create stylish accent walls. You should make sure that your accent wall is one that will be seen immediately upon entry. For example, it is often most effective if it is the wall located opposite the entry door. This will ensure that it gets the attention it deserves. Choose a mural or panel design that suits your business. There are no set rules, and you really can use this wall to express yourself and set our business apart from the rest.

Don’t hold back! Let your imagination run wild and transform your office into one you love rather than a dull space you dread entering each morning. The best part about interior design is that you are free to explore and shake off those cobwebs. When you step out of your comfort zone, you will enjoy even greater rewards.