For many homeowners, the perfect living space is less about comfort and convenience and more about elegance and luxury. If this sounds like your design style, you’ve come to the right place. There are many ways to create a beautiful and refined home, but some materials work better than others. Handmade tiles can be used in nearly every room in your house to give you that elegant atmosphere. Here are six of our favorite uses for tile in a luxurious home.

Kitchen backsplash

Nothing says kitchen backsplash like a quality tile pattern. Choose from a wide variety of designs and select a material that will make your kitchen stand out from the rest. Traditional ceramic subway tiles are great for modern, minimalist homes, while mosaic style glass or terracotta tiles bring an exotic atmosphere to your kitchen. If you want to take your kitchen backsplash one step further, choose faux tin tiles in patterns and designs reminiscent of more ornate times.


Bedroom accent wall

Creating an accent wall in your bedroom is a fantastic way to add character and depth to an otherwise austere space. Opt for a three dimensional tile pattern at the top of the bed and skip the headboard altogether, or situate your accent wall directly across from the bed to shift focus and give yourself something amazing to look at. As far as materials are concerned, anything from faux tin or wood to faux leather or plant fiber will add a deep, rich, and textured element to your bedroom.


Tiling in bathrooms serves one specific purpose: to protect your walls from damp and mildew. Take your bathroom from functional to beautiful by choosing uniquely textured wall coverings that do the job they’re meant to do while looking great. We particularly like the idea of using traditional ceramic tiles around the bathtub or shower area and experimenting with textured thermoplastic tiles on the rest of the walls. Pull this kind of look off and we guarantee your friends will be talking about your amazing bathroom for weeks to come.


Dining room ceiling

If you and your family entertain often, it’s important to make your dining room as inviting as possible for your guests. After decorating the walls and adding furniture and decor, most homeowners think their job is done. Adding ceiling tiles to your dining room not only adds character to an otherwise unused space, but also ties together your entertainment space in a classic and elegant way. Choose from faux tin, polystyrene, or faux leather tiles in a variety of colors to match the rest of your room.

Textured entryway walls

A well decorated entryway is essential if you want to make a good first impression to guests (and yourself!) in your home. Unfortunately, entryways and hallways are notoriously difficult to decorate. Adding a full length textured wall panel to either side of your entryway in a bright white or calming neutral tone will make a bold and beautiful statement that guests won’t forget in a hurry. As an added bonus, a patterned, three dimensional texture will also distract from any other clutter that might already be present in your entryway.

Half tile walls

When decorating the walls in your home’s living spaces, most homeowners think that there are only two options: paint or wallpaper. However, we know that even walls can be more exciting than that. If you want to break away from tradition, separate your walls into two (unequal) halves with a decorative dado rail and either paint or wallpaper the top half and add decorative, patterned tiles to the bottom half. Dado rails equal refinement in our books, so get creative with your colors and patterns and embrace this positive change.

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