Ceiling tiles have been used in homes and businesses around the world for many years. Some of the most popular options for those on a tight budget include faux leather, faux tin, polystyrene, and plant fiber tiles. Each of these options has its own list of advantages which will help the property owner choose the right one to suit their needs and budget.

Faux Tin or Leather

Both faux tin and faux leather ceiling tiles are designed with the real thing in mind. They are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns to suit several styles and themes. Both of these options are significantly lighter and cheaper than the real thing. The lightweight feature of these products also means that the buyer may perform the installation themselves. With the correct adhesive products, these light tiles can be secured in place quickly and easily.


Available in various styles and patterns, polystyrene ceiling tiles are some of the lightest of all and extremely easy to work with. While they are usually only available in white, they can be painted any color you like! This means that you can paint various areas of the ceiling tiles to match the color of your walls or other accent features. Best of all, you can paint the tiles before installing them, so you don’t need to worry about paint dripping or breaking your back in the process! Like faux tin and leather, polystyrene or Styrofoam ceiling tiles are easy to install even if you have absolutely no experience.

ceiling-tilesDepending on the type of tiles you choose, you may want to invest in various accessories to complete the desired look. Accessories include grid covers, moldings, and edge fillers. While your main concern is the ceiling itself, it’s also important to consider what the ceiling borders will look like once completed. Moldings, for example, give the corners of the room that extra bit of style while blending the ceiling with the walls and eliminating that harsh transition from one color or texture to the next. Don’t forget to ask your tile supplier about the proper glue while you’re at it! The kind of glue used to secure faux tin in place is not necessarily the same product you would use on polystyrene. Different products have different vulnerabilities. In other words, if you use a harsh glue on your polystyrene tiles, you could end up damaging them.

No maintenance

Remember, whether you choose faux leather, faux tin, or polystyrene, you can rest assured knowing that your ceiling tiles are virtually maintenance free! Once you have fitted them in place, you can simply enjoy that style without worrying about repainting regularly. Darker tones usually suit higher ceilings the best since dark colors give any room a somewhat smaller appearance. White and light shades are great for smaller rooms. If you wish, you can repaint your polystyrene tiles every few years. Of course, you won’t need to paint nearly as often as you would a regular ceiling. If your property has a popcorn ceiling, it’s also handy to note that various types of ceiling tiles can be fitted directly over this ceiling coating. So, instead of having to deal with the hassle and mess of scraping the popcorn effect off, you can simply cover it all up! Talissa Decor – Home decor specialists supplying a wide variety of the best quality ceiling tiles, wall panels, murals, and more.