When choosing between different kinds of ceiling tiles, you are bound to come across real tin as well as faux tin tiles. Both of these options have been used in various types of properties but, before you make your choice, it’s good to understand the pros and cons of each option.

Real tin ceilings are often found in historical homes, and they are chosen by those who want to maintain the historical integrity of the property. Real tin tiles can be applied directly to the ceiling, but they will need to be primed in order to prevent them from tarnishing. In many cases, property owners choose to apply a tint to the tin tiles in order to achieve the desired antique appearance. There is no doubt that installing real tin ceiling tiles will require a larger financial investment as well as a greater time investment. It’s also good to remember that some of your tin tiles will need to be trimmed and cut to shape. This is particularly the case around the margins of the ceiling where a full tile may no longer fit, and you’ll need to measure and cut. Cutting real tin can be tricky and dangerous too. Protective gloves might spare you your fingers, but they also make the task that much more complex and the tin can be hard to handle when you have an extra thick layer covering your digits.

Fortunately, there is a safer and easier alternative  faux tin ceiling tiles! Faux tin tiles are designed in such a way that they look just like the real thing. If you are on a tight budget and trying to choose between real and faux tin, faux will be the winner without a doubt! These tiles are a fraction of the price of real tin, and they are also much easier to work with. Like the real deal, faux tin can be applied directly to the ceiling. Faux tin is extremely lightweight and easy to cut to size as well. No more risky metal cutting when you choose the faux option! It’s also great for covering up old water stains. Of course, before you do so, it’s important to make sure that the water leak has been resolved, or you will only end up repeating the process.


If you are looking for a way to add style to your home without breaking the bank, or your back, faux is clearly the way to go. The benefits far outweigh the points that might be suggested as disadvantages. Install faux tin ceiling tiles quickly and easily with minimal tools and effort. They will give your home or commercial space a wonderfully warm and welcoming feel unlike any other! These ceiling tiles are also a great selling point. So, if you are considering selling your home and you want to attract a particular type of buyer, faux tin tiles can help you attract the right kind of attention!

In terms of quality, always make sure that you use a reputable supplier. Our superior quality faux tin ceiling tiles at Talissa Decor are available in a wide variety of colors and designs to suit various needs. Contact our team at 1 (888) 717-8453 for further information and assistance.