4 Ways To Use Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles In Your Home

backsplash in kitchen

Faux tin ceiling tiles are a fantastic addition to various rooms in your home. It’s also worth understanding just how versatile this decorative addition can be. Although they are marketed as ceiling tiles, they can be used in so many other ways. Here are 4 ways to use tin ceiling tiles in your home.

New ceiling

The first and most obvious choice is to use your tin tiles to give your ceiling a brand new, or perhaps vintage look. Faux tin tiles are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. This makes it even easier to find the perfect tile for any room.

Accent walls

installing tile on the wall

These tiles make excellent accent walls too. Simply choose the wall that will get the most attention. Choose a wall that is not overcrowded by fixtures and furniture. Once you have selected the wall, you will need to choose the best design and color<. Some designs are more intricate than others. If you are not sure about which tile will suit your room the best, you can always ask the supplier for their expert advice. You can be sure that your tin accent wall will make a bold statement. Another option is to use these tiles to create a unique headboard or backsplash in your kitchen. It’s important to remember that you should always choose between decorating your ceiling or a wall in the room. If you overdo it by covering your ceiling and a wall with these tin tiles, it can be very overwhelming and it can make the room seem especially small.

Frames for your memories

If you have tiles leftover from your kitchen backsplash, headboard, or ceiling, you can put them to good use by turning them into frames. You can use a single tile to frame photos or other memorable items. Alternatively, you can use several tiles to create a larger frame. If you have a tiled ceiling and you add a few tin tile frames here and there, this can help emphasize the appearance of the ceiling. The same goes for that accent wall. You can add one or two frames to an adjacent wall to help show off the style further.


These tiles can be used on just about everything. Some people like to use them to decorate their planters. The one thing to remember about faux tin tiles, however, is that they do need to be protected from the elements. So, if you do choose to decorate a planter or two with tin tiles, make sure that you keep them indoors or in a closed patio.new ceiling

No matter which one of these 4 ways to use tin ceiling tiles in your home you choose, you will definitely transform the room. Both real tin and faux tin ceiling tiles offer a number of benefits. Apart from the style factor, these tiles add an extra layer of fire protection. The embossed designs on the faux variety mean that they look just like the real thing. The only difference being the price and the fact that these tiles are significantly lighter than the real thing. The fact that they are lightweight yet durable makes them easier to install yourself without any previous experience.

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