If you are looking for a way to give your home a new look, or even just add more visual appeal to a particular room, a wall mural is just what you need. Many homeowners find that décor is so much more than just painting and choosing the right furniture. We have become so much more sophisticated and creative over the years and this has had a real impact on interior design. When choosing a mural for any wall in your home, it’s important to remember that there is a right way and a wrong way to go about things. Firstly, you need to take your time and avoid the temptation to pick the first design you fancy. A mural is much like a large painting, or work of art, on the wall. It is, however, something that you need to love enough that you will not grow tired of it in a couple of years. Here are some essential tips to keep in mind when selecting the perfect mural design:

Consider the Scale of the Design

mountains-wall-muralBefore you start browsing designs, you need to consider the size of the room and which wall you plan on decorating with a mural. Since murals are designed to create an attractive accent wall in a room, you should choose a wall with minimal to no furniture blocking the design. For example, if you place a table or desk against a wall, the mural will not be as noticeable. If you place a mural behind your bathtub, on the other hand, it can occupy all the wall space above and even around the bath without the bath seeming out of place. This works particularly well for forest or water murals. If the area you want to decorate is large, the design can be more complex. Smaller rooms should be decorated with less complicated designs. Consider a simple fluffy cloud mural for a small nursery or a simple cartoon-like design. The larger the room, the larger and more complex your wall mural can be.

Plan the Room Décor

You will also need to plan the overall design of the room before choosing a mural. The room itself will help you do this. For example, your child’s room will have a very different theme compared to yours. The bathroom will also have a different theme and colour scheme compared to your living room. For your bedroom, you might like a relaxing or even tropical escape. For your child, on the other hand, you may prefer something bright, full of colour, and bursting with energy. Consider cartoon designs, animals, sports, or even fantasy environments like fairies. Guest rooms and your study can be decorated with an abstract or geometric design. Old style world maps are also great for home offices. When planning the overall décor, you will need to plan the colour of the rest of your walls as well as furniture and other aspects like drapes or blinds. It’s often better to choose colours that work well together rather than trying to find the perfect match. Even if you choose exactly the same colour code, two different materials or fabrics will reflect this colour differently. If you are unsure, consult a design expert or design resources online for inspiration.

Matching Styles

child-bedroom-designApart from choosing the right colours, you also need to choose the right style. For example, if you have Victorian-style furniture, you might like to choose a mural with this sort of theme. For modern settings, city murals are always a great hit. If you run a business, the theme of the mural will also be determined by the theme and values of your business. For instance, if you run an Italian-style restaurant, you can use a mural with a Tuscany theme. In this case, it’s also about choosing the right lighting to complete the overall theme. By choosing a mural that suits the theme of the room, you will help create the perfect atmosphere for yourself and your guests. A high-quality mural really can make you feel like you have taken a trip to New York City, a luxurious beach, or a lush forest without ever leaving the comfort of your living room!

If you want to give your home, or business, the decorative boost it needs but you’re still not sure which mural will work best, you can always consult a professional. Wall mural experts do not only produce and supply these masterpieces, they are also able to provide valuable insight and advice. At Talissa Décor, we offer a wide variety of wall mural designs from which to choose. We keep the process of searching and browsing simple with experts available to offer professional advice if needed. Our murals are made from the finest quality products and they are made to last. Contact us today at 1-888-717-8453 for more information, or feel free to browse through all of our products at your leisure.