Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Ann Arbor

Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Ann Arbor

Ceiling tiles are an aesthetic and a utilitarian way to enhance the interior décor in your home. Ceiling tiles are equally popular in offices and commercial buildings. It is natural for homeowners as well as owners of commercial properties to focus only on the cosmetic or visual appeal of both ceiling tiles and wall panels in Ann Arbor. Such installations deserve all the attention they get but their utilitarian or rather multipurpose attributes should also be highlighted.

Ceiling tiles and wall panels can add a lot of value to your property. Ceiling tiles and wall panels will prove to be substantially effective when the mercury dips and the indoors have to be kept warmer. There is a reduced dissipation of warm air from inside, which effectively facilitates insulation. Owing to the extra layer of materials on walls and ceilings, your indoors will be more comfortable. They would not only feel but also look warmer. The impact on energy efficiency may not be something to stress on endlessly but it is worth noting.

Ceiling tiles and wall panels in Ann Arbor are a durable decorative solution. They do not require any major upkeep. Normal cleaning once in a while would be sufficient. You do not have maintenance issues. There is no need to repaint it, reseal it or stain it again. Choose quality tiles and panels available with Talissa Décor and you would have them last for decades and in many cases longer than a lifetime.

Shop for the Best Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Ann Arbor

We are the largest distributor of ceiling tiles in Ann Arbor and we have hundreds of variants for you to choose from. You may like some of the more conventional designs or some quaint ones. Or you may prefer grandeur or subtlety. You may like a minimalist interior décor. Whatever your preference, you will find dozens of options at your disposal while browsing our inventory.

With our ceiling tiles and wall panels in Ann Arbor, you would not need to worry about plastered or painted ceilings, you would not miss the lack of architectural details such as moldings or cornices and you would be definitively satiated with your interior décor. There are very few ways to affordably enhance the look, feel and ambiance of a room. Most are only aesthetic or solely functional. Ceiling tiles and wall panels are both.

Convenient Shopping and Shipping

At Talissa Décor, we put our customers first. We do not keep our customers waiting and we are constantly reinventing our designs and patterns to offer contemporary ceiling tiles and wall panels in Ann Arbor. The convenient shopping experience is further simplified by our steadfast shipping. We ship across the United States and Canada. Our regular delivery takes up to five business days. You may receive the items in three business days. That is usually the least time we need. All orders we receive by 1 p.m. EST are processed immediately and shipped the very same day. Orders received after 1 p.m. EST are shipped the next day, although they are processed in real time as well.

Talissa Décor specializes in ceiling tiles and wall panels. Tiles and panels are our forte. You can count on our expertise, experience and commitment to quality. It is our reliability that has propelled us to become a market leader in North America.