Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Barrie

wall panels in Barrie

When you take a look around any room, there are a few details that will jump out at you right away. Some might say that the ceiling is not one of them. To a certain extent, this is correct if your ceiling is plain and undecorated. An attractive ceiling with the right design and colour is a totally different story. They can completely transform any room and help create the perfect theme.

As for your walls, a coat of paint might look good at first but it will not add nearly as much depth and character as 3D wall panels. 3D wall panel designs are available in various colours and the designs themselves offer amazing variety. We offer a full range of ceiling tiles and wall panels in Barrie to suit every need and preference.

Durable Ceiling Tiles

3d wall panels BarrieAt Talissa Decor, we offer a wide variety of ceiling tiles made from the highest quality materials. Whether you choose PVC or Styrofoam ceiling tiles for your home you will love the design and the amazing effect it will have on your home.

Our ceiling tiles in Barrie are available in several colours and designs to suit any décor or theme. From antique copper and silver to black, cream pearl and everything in between. We also offer different thicknesses and sizes.

What makes our ceiling tiles so special and durable is the fact that they are designed to last. The embossed designs add superb depth while maintaining the stability of the tile itself. With a gentle wipe now and then, you can be sure that your ceiling tiles will look amazing for many years.

Installing our ceiling tiles does not only offer aesthetic advantages but safety benefits too. Choose fire resistant ceiling tiles that offer extra protection for your peace of mind. Not only is this beneficial for businesses, but homes too.

Transformations with Wall Panels

3D wall panels take your home or office décor to a whole new level. Accent walls are particularly popular these days because they give the room a main focal point. Our wall panels in Barrie are an excellent choice for adding value to your property.

These panel designs are also excellent for creating your very own sanctuary or creating a peaceful space. If your home or business has a specific theme, our panels help emphasize and bring this theme to life.

Delivery throughout Barrie

ivy wall muralsOnce you receive your ceiling tile or wall panel order, you will see just how easy they are to install. There is no need for previous experience or specialised tools. We are happy to provide detailed installation instructions and advice. Our lightweight ceiling tiles and wall panels make renovations a breeze.

We are proud to offer speedy delivery of all ceiling tiles and wall panels in Barrie. Our orders are shipped out the same day provided the order is placed before 1 pm EST. We also offer expedited shipping options for urgent deliveries.