Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Burnaby

wall panels in burnaby

Are you looking for quality ceiling tiles and wall panels in Burnaby? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Our ceiling tiles are loved for their lightweight yet sturdy design while our 3D wall panels give any room the most flattering focal point.

If you want to invest in your home or business but you do not want to spend an excessive amount, our ceiling tiles and wall panels are exactly what you need. They will give the room a brand new look without any major renovations. The quick and easy installation will yield immediate results that will last. You don’t even need to worry about maintenance. A light wipe with a soft cloth from time to time is all it takes.

Why Install Ceiling Tiles

antique white ceiling tiles burnabySome might say that the last place you are going to look is the ceiling. This is true if your ceiling has nothing interesting to offer. If you install ceiling tiles, however, your guests are bound to be impressed by your impeccable taste.

Ceiling tiles in Burnaby are becoming increasingly popular for several reasons. The first being the aesthetic appeal, of course, and the second is the fact that they are so easy to install. Whether you choose the drop in or glue up method, our lightweight PVC and Styrofoam ceiling tiles are easy to install without experience.

Made from high-quality materials, our ceiling tiles can be installed in any room. This includes rooms with high levels of humidity such as your kitchen and bathroom. If fire resistance is one of your main concerns, we offer a number of models that help improve the fire resistance of the room which is an excellent safety feature.

Our ceiling tiles are easy to install yourself which means that you will save money by not having to hire a contractor. While each tile is remarkably lightweight, they are also incredibly durable. Once installed, maintaining them is easy. A gentle wipe from time to time will keep your tiles in perfect shape. Depending on the tiles you choose, they may arrive finished or unfinished. Either way, they can be painted if desired.

Wall Panels for Every Room

wall decor burnabyOur wall panels in Burnaby are available in various designs and materials. From faux leather and thermoplastic to plant fiber, wood fiber and PVC. Each material offers its own unique set of pros and cons. PVC, for example, is ideal for humid environments whereas faux leather will look amazing in your living room or bedroom.

If you are not sure about the best type of material to choose for your home or business, feel free to consult our expert team. We are always happy to offer any information that will help you make an informed decision.

Delivered to Your Door

We are proud to deliver quality ceiling tiles and wall panels in Burnaby. All of our products are held to the highest of standards in terms of their design and the materials used.

Our 3D wall panels and ceiling tiles are incredibly easy to install. There is no need for special tools
or previous experience. We are more than happy to provide installation instructions as well as useful
tips and advice to ensure that you enjoy the best results.