Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Calgary

wall panels in calgary

At Talissa Decor, we specialise in bringing the finest styles to you anywhere in Calgary. When you need to give any room in your home or office a makeover, you can be sure that our ceiling tiles and wall panels in Calgary are the perfect fit.

Our ceiling tile and wall panel collections are available in a variety of styles, colours and models. From faux leather and faux tin to lightweight Styrofoam, you will find a suitable design for any theme or style. Vintage, modern, Art Deco and everything in between – we’ve got it all right here!

Quality Wall Panels and Ceiling Tiles

3d wall panel in CalgaryWe use the very best materials to ensure the finest quality products. Both our wall panel and ceiling tile designs are made according to the highest standards. Not only does this ensure a realistic finish in our faux designs, but it also means that our products last that much longer.

Once installed, our wall panels and ceiling tiles require no regular maintenance. If you like, you can give them a gentle wipe to get rid of any dust. Repainting is another option if you feel like a change after a few years.

Apart from the aesthetic appeal of our products, they are also loved for their many other benefits. Improve insulation when you add an extra layer to your ceiling or a wall facing the exterior of your property. You will notice that your heating and cooling systems will not need to work quite as hard to keep the temperature comfortable in your home or office.

Fire resistance is another benefit and our products are tested to determine their fire rating. Not only are you adding style, but safety too.

Easy to Install

Installation is easy no matter which method you choose. Many of our tiles can be installed using the glue up method. They can be stuck to any flat surface and you don’t need any previous experience to achieve professional results.

Some of our ceiling tiles can be installed using the drop in method. Again, installation requires no previous experience and our team is happy to offer any expert advice and suggestions that you may need.

Suitable for All Properties

Ceiling tiles and wall panels in Calgary are not only for residential properties. They can benefit commercial properties too. Some examples include hotels, restaurants, consulting firms and even doctors or dentists. Whether contemporary or more on the antique side of the scale, you should always make the most of every space when it comes to décor.

By adding the right décor to your property, you will create the desired atmosphere and this will help your guests, customers or visitors feel that much more at home. It also makes your working environment that much more pleasant for your staff which is always a plus.