Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Coquitlam

wall panels in Coquitlam

Are you tired of the way your home or office looks? Do you want to make a big change without a significant investment? Ceiling tiles and wall panels in Coquitlam are the answer you’ve been searching for. With our fine selection of tiles and panels at Talissa Decor, you can transform any space.

The best part of all is the fact that you don’t need to spend a lot in order to get the look you want. Our ceiling tiles and wall panels are affordable as well as convenient. While you should cover your entire ceiling, our wall panels can be used to create accent walls. So, rather than having to cover all the walls in a room, you can create a focal point by covering a selected wall or even a part of the wall.

Easy to Install

ceiling with white tiles CoquitlamInstalling our panels and tiles is easy and you do not need a vast collection of specialised tools. With a few basic supplies, you can install our products yourself and in no time too!

Installation does not require any previous experience either. Since our tiles and panels are so lightweight, they are easy to fit into place. We also offer detailed instructions and tips to ensure that you achieve the result you’re looking for.

Our products can be installed using a variety of methods including drop in and glue up. The ideal method will depend on the product as well as your personal preferences. If you are not sure which option is best for your home or office, feel free to ask our helpful team.

We are here to help with any information and advice you need. From calculating the number of tiles you need to suggesting adhesives and installation techniques, our expert team is always happy to assist.

Low Maintenance Home Improvements

A low maintenance property is what we all desire. When you install our ceiling tiles and wall panels, you will love the way they reduce the amount of maintenance and cleaning needed. With just a gentle wipe, your tiles and panels will be free of dust. There really is no need for you to do anything more.

If desired, a fresh coat of paint can be applied. It is important that you use the appropriate type of paint based on the product you have installed. Strong chemicals can damage products made from Styrofoam. If you are not certain what type of paint to use, feel free to contact us.

Coquitlam Delivery

tropical leaves wall muralsWe are proud to offer delivery throughout Coquitlam. We understand that renovations and makeovers wait for no man, which is why we offer several speedy delivery methods to suit your needs.

Take a look at our impressive range of products, contact our helpful team if needed and prepare to be amazed by the spectacular transformation that will take place in your home or office from the moment installation is complete.