Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Denver

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Invest in your property without spending a fortune when you choose our ceiling tiles and wall panels in Denver. Unlike the real thing, our faux tin, faux leather and other products will help you save money while giving your property a beautiful new look.

Our products are made from durable materials and they are suitable for use in every room. Even if there is a high level of humidity, like in your bathroom, our products are designed with durability in mind. So, no matter where you install our products, they will look amazing for years.

Long-lasting Style

wall panels in DenverAre you looking for a way to renovate your property in such a way that it will look amazing for years to come? Look no further than our amazing wall panels and ceiling tiles. Made from the best quality materials, they will look great for years.

Giving your property a new ceiling or accent walls in various rooms will add value in more ways that one. Depending on the products that you choose, you will enjoy a number of benefits. Some of the best advantages of our products include improved insulation as well as add fire protection.

Improving your décor also adds value to your property. When your property is more appealing and better insulated, it will appeal to potential buyers and make them that much more likely to pay a higher price.

Another advantage of installing ceiling tiles and wall panels is that you will enjoy the fact that these surfaces are very low maintenance. You do not need to clean them with special supplies. You can dust them from time to time and they will look fantastic for years. While there is no need to paint our panels and tiles, they can be painted if you would like a bit of a change after a few years.

Easy DIY Installation

Installation is a breeze and you do not need to have any previous experience. With the help of our installation instructions, you will have a beautiful new ceiling or accent wall in no time. Not only is installation easy, but it’s quick too.

Our ceiling tiles can be installed using the drop in or glue up method. Our wall panels can also be installed on any flat surface. These simple installation methods make it easy to cover damaged or unsightly surfaces. Popcorn ceilings, for example, are difficult and messy to scrape clean. With our products, you can skip this step and cover your old ceiling without having to clean the old surface.

USA and Canada Delivery

ceiling tiles in DenverWe offer a number of delivery options including same day delivery for orders placed before 1 pm EST on business days. Alternative delivery options include next day, overnight and regular delivery to suit everyone’s needs.

Our speedy delivery service throughout the USA and Canada is just what you need to keep your renovation plans on schedule. There are few things worse than unexpected delays. Fortunately, since we deliver so quickly, you don’t have to worry about such unnecessary bumps in your plans.