Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Detroit

Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Detroit

Talissa Décor is the largest distributor of ceiling tiles and wall panels in Detroit. We ship across the United States and also to Canada with a regular delivery service that takes a maximum of five business days. We process orders in real time and all purchases completed by 1 p.m. EST are shipped the very same day. Orders placed after 1 p.m. EST are shipped on the next business day. We also provide overnight shipping. Being the largest dealer of ceiling tiles in North America, we make sure that your decorative ideas become reality.

Browse a Gigantic Collection of Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Detroit

Our collection of ceiling tiles and wall panels has no equal. We have many styles and distinct colours that you may not find in any other store, offline or online. We deal in vinyl and polystyrene ceiling tiles. Our wall panels come in all these four sizes. There are five materials you can choose from for wall panels. These are faux leather, plant fibre, wood fibre, vinyl and thermoplastic. The ceiling tiles and wall panels have diverse designs. You can opt for minimalist styles or grandeur. Beyond the patterns and detailing there is a range of finish. You may choose an aged effect, brushed effect, matte or gloss finish, a combination of different colours or a bond one to start with.

We have ceiling tiles in dozens of colours. Check out copper, silver, taupe, alder, brass, gold, rosewood, teakwood, white, patina, nickel, cream, pearl, dark cherry and more. Polystyrene ceiling tiles are standard white. Wall panels also come in a myriad of hues. You can choose monochromatic panels, true colours or uncommon shades of popular hues. Regardless of the material, size, design, colour and finish of our ceiling tiles and wall panels, you can count on their decorative value and durability. We are also one of the most affordable dealers of ceiling tiles and wall panels in Detroit.

Accentuate your Property with our Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels

Ceiling tiles and wall panels can be an integral component of your interior décor. They should not be an afterthought. Even if it is an afterthought, you can always choose designs or styles that will complement or perfectly contrast the interior décor you have already. We can assure this simply owing to the vastness of our inventory and the available diversity. We have designs for every type of layout, there are aesthetics that can suit specific types of properties, you can choose colours that will effortlessly enhance the visual appeal and there are finishes that will pleasantly transform the ambience of a room. A complementing combination of ceiling tiles and wall panels can directly impact the curb appeal of your house.

Browse our online inventory and compare affordable ceiling tiles and wall panels using the criteria you may have preset. You can choose our tiles and panels for entire ceilings and walls respectively or you can opt for partial accentuation. There is no right and wrong way to go about this because every home is special and every homeowner has some preferences and a few compulsions. We assure you a satiating shopping experience. Our unwavering commitment to quality, steadfast shipping and comprehensive guidance to help you with everything from choosing the perfect tiles and panels to installing them without any hassle will definitely simplify your entire quest for the finest ceiling tiles and wall panels in Detroit.