Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Kitchener

faux tin ceiling tile in Kitchener

Say goodbye to boring ceilings and walls thanks to our ceiling tiles and wall panels in Kitchener. Whether you want to give your home that Art Deco twist or create an authentic Victorian theme, our tiles and panels will help you do just that.

Apart from their amazing style and elegance, our products also help lower the amount of maintenance required on a regular basis. If you like, you can simply wipe the surfaces with a clean cloth to remove any surface dust. Our products can also be repainted if you would like to give them a fresh look after several years.

Quick Remodel with Ceiling Tiles

ceiling tiles in KitchenerOne of the most common struggles for any property owner is that of water damage. When a pipe or water heater bursts, it can send water throughout your ceiling. This results in serious damage and an ongoing struggle to remove the unsightly water marks.

Many people resort to replacing their ceiling as a result of water damage. However, this is not necessarily the case. Our ceiling tiles can be installed on any flat surface which means that you can conceal that unsightly damage and you don’t have to replace your ceiling. Not only is this faster and cleaner, but it’s cheaper too!

Our ceiling tiles are easy to install. Depending on your ceiling and needs, you can choose tiles that are suited for the glue up or drop in method. Both methods are easy and, since our tiles are so lightweight, they are easy to install without any experience.

You do not need a vast selection of professional tools either. Installing our ceiling tiles is easy with just a few basic supplies. We also provide detailed installation instructions to help you give any ceiling that perfect look.

Versatile Wall Panels

wall panels in KitchenerOur wall panels are extremely versatile and they can be used in any room. Suited for commercial as well as residential use, you will love the way that they give the room a whole new look. Whether you choose to cover the entire wall or a part of it, you can be sure that they will have a significant effect.

Available in various colours and styles, they are perfect for emphasizing a specific theme or colour scheme. The 3D designs also add depth and texture to the room. When you add some dedicated lighting, your wall panels will become the brand new leading attraction in the room.

For Residential and Commercial Use

Our ceiling tiles and wall panels in Kitchener are suited for all properties. They are a sure way of impressing your guests as well as your clients. Not to mention the fact that you will make your personal or professional environment that much more pleasant for those who spend most of their time within these four walls.

We offer delivery throughout Kitchener and we also offer several delivery options. If you need your tiles or panels delivered fast, take a look at our fast delivery options. Regular delivery takes 3 to 5 days from the moment your order leaves our facilities.