Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Lancaster

Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Lancaster

Talissa Décor is a market leader in ceiling tiles and wall panels in Lancaster. We are the largest distributor of ceiling tiles and wall panels in North America. We sell tiles and panels and ship them throughout the United States and Canada. Our durable and decorative tiles can be the most appropriate fixture for your ceilings. Instead of settling for an expensive paint that will undergo considerable weathering in due course of time, you can opt for our ceiling tiles that will not require any repaint, reseal or polish. There is no major maintenance necessary other than simple cleaning. Our wall panels too are just as durable and easy to clean. They too can be a fitting substitute for paint and wallpapers.

There are several reasons for property owners to choose ceiling tiles and wall panels in Lancaster. They enhance the interior décor, contribute to a pleasant ambience and provide an additional layer of insulation. Ceiling tiles and wall panels will always enhance the visual appeal of a property and this will reflect in the value appreciation, almost immediately. Ceiling tiles and wall panels are not only a great decorative solution but also a smart strategy to conceal flaws. Old homes will have worn out ceilings and walls. Even relatively new homes may have some cosmetic issues on the ceilings and walls. Everything gets concealed after you neatly install our ceiling tiles and wall panels in Lancaster.

Compare Materials, Sizes and Methods of Installation

We sell a plethora of ceiling tiles and wall panels in Lancaster. The ceiling tiles usually come in four sizes. The vinyl or plastic ceiling tiles come in 2’x2’ and 2’x4’. The Styrofoam or polystyrene ceiling tiles are of sizes 19.5”x19.5” and 20”x20”. Both sizes may look almost identical unless you get down to the precise measurements. Our wall panels come in all these four sizes and they can be of faux leather, plant or wood fibre, plastic, or vinyl and thermoplastic. You can choose a material you prefer, the size you need and you can check the method of installation for your shortlisted tiles or panels before making a final decision. We do not leave anything to chance and nor should you. Explore every detail, compare dozens and ideally all our available ceiling tiles and wall panels in Lancaster to make an informed decision.

Unwavering Assurances from Talissa Décor – Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Lancaster

We have the most diverse inventory of ceiling tiles and wall panels in Lancaster. You can rest assured that you will have a plethora of options and the tiles or panels will be in stock when you shop. This leads to our second assurance of timely delivery. If you place an order by 1 p.m. EST, then we will ship the items on the same business day. For orders placed after 1 p.m. EST, we ship the items the very next business day.

The third assurance pertains to quality. We have managed to remain the market leader for many reasons and one of them is our commitment to durable ceiling tiles and wall panels. Affordability and durability often do not go hand in hand. At Talissa Décor, they do and this is a perennial guarantee you can rely on. The fourth assurance pertains to prompt support. We have a customer service team that includes technicians and they would be ready to offer you any type of help or advice you need.