Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in London

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Wall Panels & Ceiling Tiles in London

We use the very best and most durable materials for all of our ceiling tiles and wall panels in London. Investing in your home or business is the best way of making your property more appealing to visitors and increase its value. Our products are suited for all rooms including living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, offices and more.

We offer delivery throughout London for your convenience. Shopping online for the perfect ceiling tiles and 3D wall panels make renovations that much easier. We offer a variety of delivery methods to cater to all needs.

Realistic Faux Tin Ceiling Tile Designs

3d wall panels in LondonWe use the very best materials when creating our realistic faux tin ceiling tiles. The 3D embossed designs are complemented by the various colours for added authenticity. The colours give our faux tin tiles that perfectly realistic appearance. Unlike real tin, our products are lightweight and far more affordable.

Our faux leather products are also made from durable products to ensure that they are long-lasting. Again, the appropriate colours are selected in order to ensure a realistic finish. Unlike real leather, you do not need to take special care of these products. All you need to do is give them a wipe whenever you wish to remove dust.

Faux tin and faux leather are far easier to install because they are lightweight. Our products can simply be fixed to the surface without the need for drilling or holes. You also don’t need to worry about these panels or tiles falling due to their weight because they do not add excessive weight to the underlying surface.

While our products arrive in the colour you order, they can be repainted if you choose to do so in the future. For more information on the best type of paint to use on your tiles or wall panels, refer to the product information or contact our helpful team.

Simple Wall Panel Installation

When performing the installation, you will need just a few basic tools and a handful of supplies. This helps keep the overall costs to a minimum. It also helps ensure that the process of installing our products is as simple as can be.

For your reference, we also provide installation resources and we are always happy to offer advice. If you need some help calculating the number of tiles needed to cover a particular surface, we are also here to assist. We always recommend ordering extra in order to allow for off cuts and waste.

Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels for Every Interior

Installing stylish ceiling tiles and wall panels will make you fall in love with your home again. In a commercial setting, you will make your working environment pleasant for your staff as well as your clients.

We have a wide variety of products available in several designs and colours. Our wide range ensures that we cater to all needs and preferences. Modern, Art Deco, traditional and vintage designs are some of the most popular. Our colour options help give our products that authentic appearance.


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