Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Philadelphia

Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Philadelphia

There could be many reasons to consider ceiling tiles and wall panels in Philadelphia. You may be planning the interior décor in your new home. Maybe an old house that needs some renovation. You may consider ceiling tiles and wall panels as a substitute for a fresh coat of paint. Or you may be remodelling your entire property for a specific purpose and ceiling tiles would organically fit into your plan. There are many ways to remodel or renovate and upgrade your house. Ceiling tiles and wall panels are an affordable and durable option at your discretion. If you are wondering whether or not ceiling tiles would be appropriate for your home or even office, all you need to do is take a virtual tour and explore our inventory.

Explore the Largest Inventory of Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Philadelphia

Talissa Décor is the largest dealer of ceiling tiles and wall panels in Philadelphia. Our ceiling tiles are available throughout the United States and Canada. Our inventory is not only the largest but also the most diverse. You will find the best vinyl and polystyrene ceiling tiles at our store. You will get to consider dozens of distinct colours. We have various shades of common and uncommon colours. We have amazing designs and patterns. There are awesome finishes. You can go for aged, brushed, matte or gloss finish. There are ceiling tiles with intricate detailing, engravings. Or simple ceiling tiles too for anyone looking at a minimalist interior décor.

Our wall panels do not lag behind our inventory of ceiling tiles. You will find wall panels suitable for every room. Whether it is a living room or bedroom, a hallway or a foyer, bathroom or kitchen, man cave or basement, study or home office, a partying pad or any other room, you will find the right kind of wall panels. We have wall panels made of different materials. You would have enough options at your disposal to make a choice that involves no compromise whatsoever. We have the most durable decorative ceiling tiles and wall panels in Philadelphia.

Assured Fast Delivery and Impeccable QualityCeiling Tiles in Philadelphia

You will not run into out of stock messages when you shop at our store. You will not have to deal with a waiting list or a promise of delivery in a fortnight, which is a month for some companies. We will deliver your ceiling tiles and wall panels in Philadelphia within three to five business days. This is our company policy. We ship all our orders placed before 1 p.m. EST on the same day and the others are shipped the very next day unless it is a public holiday or a weekend. We have a regular delivery that usually takes three days for most cities. Also, we offer overnight shipping.

We predominantly deal with vinyl and polystyrene ceiling tiles. Our wall panels are made of faux leather, plastic or vinyl, plant fibre, wood fibre and thermoplastic. All these materials are reliable and durable. When you buy our ceiling tiles and wall panels in Philadelphia, you are not spending money on a stopgap remodelling or any temporary solution. Our tiles and panels will last decades. If not mistreated in any major way, most of our products will last a lifetime. They do not demand any special maintenance. Simple cleaning would suffice. The installation is a cakewalk. You would not need to hire any technician if you are handy with glueing up or dropping in tiles and if you can craftily cut some tiles or panels that would have to be aligned perfectly with the border areas of the ceilings and walls.