Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Scranton

Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Scranton

There is no lack of options when it comes to interior décor but very few are affordable, aesthetic and utilitarian at the same time. You might have some aesthetic fixtures that may not serve a purpose. You may have some quintessentially practical installations that might not be the finest aesthetic addition to a room. There is a fine balance covering all important attributes with our ceiling tiles and wall panels in Scranton.

Talissa Décor is the biggest online store of ceiling tiles and wall panels in Scranton. We are the largest distributor of ceiling tiles in North America and we have an unmatched variety in our designs and patterns. All our ceiling tiles are an affordable, durable and decorative solution. There are some premium ceiling tiles that could appear to be expensive but the vast range is comfortably within a reasonable price range.

Shop for the Perfect Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Scranton

There is never a generic route to perfection, definitely not when it is about something as important as a home or any property. Personal preferences will always matter. Compatibility would be one of the key factors. Whether or not a particular type of ceiling tiles or wall panels looks great in one of your rooms will depend on highly specific factors. There cannot be any generalization. This is at the heart of why our vast inventory is of paramount importance. The hundreds of options at your discretion will truly empower you and enable you to choose the exact type, style, colour and material that will be perfect for a room. You would perhaps want to have some degree of variance as you choose tiles for different rooms.

Our ceiling tiles can be glued up or dropped in and we have standard sized and large plastic or vinyl ceiling tiles. Our wall panels come in four distinct sizes and they are made of faux leather, plant fibre, wood fibre, plastic or thermoplastic. The material will play a role in the design, the detailing and the colour. The finish or the treatment that will contribute substantially to the visual appeal will also be significantly influenced by the choice of material. You can browse as many ceiling tiles and wall panels in Scranton as you want, compare all popular and some unconventional options to choose the perfect one for your property.

A Great Shopping Experience

Talissa Décor ensures a satiating shopping experience for everyone. The experience is truly holistic as everything you need is right at your disposal. There are comprehensive guides at our online store, shedding light on everything from the materials to the installation methods. We have well-maintained stocks so you would not run into unavailability issues.

Timely Delivery

We process all orders placed before 1 p.m. EST and ship them on the same day. Other orders are shipped in twenty-four hours, which is always the next business day. We have stringent compliance policies ensuring every type of ceiling tiles and wall panels in Scranton are duly checked for quality and you would have no grievances whatsoever. You would receive exactly what you are promised and what you purchase from Talissa Decor.