Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in St Louis

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Maintenance is something that all property owners have to face. Of course, this does not mean that you cannot take steps to minimise the amount of maintenance required on a regular basis. Our ceiling tiles and wall panels in St Louis will help you do just that.

If desired, our products can be painted but this is not absolutely necessary. Dusting from time to time is the most you will need to do in terms of maintenance.

Add Unique Style

wall panels in St LouisWe are proud to offer a wide variety of products. Our range includes wall panels and ceiling tiles made from different materials including PVC, Styrofoam, plant fibre, Thermoplastic and more. Each type of material offers its own benefits and they are all lightweight which makes them easy to install. No matter the room in your home or business, our products are made to last.

Once you have installed your new ceiling or accent wall, you will love the amazing transformation. Not only will you love spending time in this space, but you will also feel proud to welcome guests.

Our products can also be used in businesses and commercial settings alike. A beautifully decorated business is that much more attractive for customers as well as your employees. By making their working environment more pleasant, you will also encourage greater productivity.

No matter the type of property, our products also offer the benefit of adding value. Investing in your property will pay off right away and you will enjoy the added value should you wish to sell in the future.

Delivery Throughout St. Louis

Shopping for stylish ceiling tiles and wall panels is easier than ever. Now you can browse and order from the comfort of your own home and we will deliver anywhere in St. Louis. Our delivery services are available throughout the USA and Canada.

Our delivery options include same day shipping for orders placed before 1 pm EST on business days. Alternatively, you could choose regular, overnight or next day shipping if you prefer.

Lightweight and Easy to Install

Our wall panels and ceiling tiles are all made from the very best lightweight materials. This means that they are easy to install as well as durable.

We provide full installation instructions that are easy to follow. You do not need any previous experience or professional tools to achieve the very finest results.