Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Vaughan

wall panels in Vaughan

If you want to make a stunning statement with your home or office style,  you need ceiling tiles and wall panels in Vaughan. Our embossed and 3D designs are wonderfully captivating and they will attract immediate attention as soon as you enter the room. Our products are suitable for all environments including those with high levels of humidity.

Why Install Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels

ceiling tiles in VaughanIf you are considering a remodel and wondering why you should choose ceiling tiles and wall panels, here are some benefits these products offer. Our ceiling tiles are made from PVC or Styrofoam, depending on the design you choose, and they are extremely lightweight.

Our wall panels are available in even more materials including PVC, wood fiber, plant fiber and thermoplastic. All of which are lightweight which makes them easy to install. Our products are easy to install yourself without hiring a contractor. Apart from improving the style of the room, these tiles and panels also add an extra layer of insulation and, depending on the material, fire resistance. They do not require frequent maintenance. A gentle wipe will remove dust and keep your ceilings and walls looking amazing for years.

All You Need in One Place

ceiling tiles VaughanYou will find everything you need in one place at Talissa décor. From ceiling tiles and wall panels to crown moldings and filler tiles. We have everything you need to achieve that perfect look.

We are even happy to provide you with easy-to-follow installation instructions and tips. If you need help calculating the number of panels or tiles needed to cover a particular surface, let us know and we will be more than happy to assist.

We Bring You the Best

We are proud to offer delivery throughout the USA and Canada, including Vaughan. Our delivery options include same day shipping (for orders placed before 1 pm EST), next day shipping, overnight shipping and regular shipping (3 – 5 days from the time your order leaves our premises). Order with confidence knowing that you will receive the very best quality products without delay.