Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Ashburn

wall panels in Ashburn

Our ceiling tiles and wall panels in Ashburn are unparalleled in style which will give any room an amazing new look. The superior design paired with the use of high-quality materials are two of the main reasons why so many property owners love our products.

For those of you out there who have little time for cleaning and maintenance, you will be happy to know that our products help lighten your household chore workload. You do not need to take special care of these surfaces or follow a specific maintenance routine. A light dust now and then will keep them looking their best.

Ceilings And Walls That Turn Heads

3d wall panels ashburnThere is nothing like a 3D or embossed design to grab your attention as soon as you enter a room. Our 3D wall panels and embossed ceiling tiles give the surface depth and a more authentic look. It’s thanks to these designs that our wall panels and ceiling tiles look just like the real thing.

Faux tin and faux leather are extremely popular for a number of reasons. The main reason being the beauty and detail of these designs. Available in various colours to ensure fabulous authenticity.

Remember, when decorating a room in your home or place of business, you do not need to decorate all four walls. Accent walls will help create the desired theme while emphasizing the colour scheme and highlighting the best features of the room. Choose a wall that is not overrun with furniture or fixtures and put it to good use with the right wall panels.

Don’t forget about the amazing role your ceiling has to play when it comes to décor and theme. We often focus on flooring, walls and furniture. Ceilings are often neglected but, once you realise their potential, you’ll never look back.

Affordable Makeover

When it comes to tin and leather, many people wonder whether they should opt for faux designs or the real thing. While both options are extremely attractive, faux products offer some additional advantages. These include the lower cost, lightweight panels and the fact that little to no maintenance is required.

Since these tiles and panels are so lightweight and easy to work with, installation is really simple and you don’t need any previous experience. By performing the installation yourself, you can save even more money on contractor costs.

We Deliver To Ashburn

We offer speedy delivery throughout the USA and Canada for your convenience. Once you have found the perfect ceiling tile or wall panel design, all you need to do is complete your order and select the delivery option that suits you best.

Orders placed before 1 pm EST on a business day will be shipped that same day. Orders placed after this time will ship the following day. We also offer overnight and standard delivery. If you need any help with your order, feel free to contact our helpful customer support team.