Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels in Birmingham

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Is your ceiling old or damaged? While discolouration can be covered up with a fresh coat of paint, peeling and water damage are another story. Apart from the messy cleanup, there really is no guarantee that the damage will remain concealed. The same goes for your walls. Oil, grease and similar substances are incredibly difficult to get rid of.

The good news is that we have just what you need to spruce up any room and get rid of unsightly walls and ceilings once and for all. Take a look at our ceiling tiles and wall panels in Birmingham. With a fantastic variety and many colours from which to choose, you’ll find just what you’ve been looking for right here!

Lightweight Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels

wall panels BirminghamFor many people out there, installing wall panels and ceiling tiles might seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, our faux tin and faux leather products are significantly lighter than the real thing. This means that the installation process is both quick and easy.

Our Styrofoam products are the lightest of all and they are very easy to work with. Even if you have no experience, you too can achieve professional results by following our easy installation instructions.

Since these panels and tiles are so lightweight, it might make you wonder if they are durable. Simply put, whether you choose wood fibre, plant fibre, faux tin or leather or even Styrofoam, you are in for a treat. Our products are all made from the highest quality materials to ensure that they are tough and will stand the test of time.

Available in various designs and colours, you will love the effect they have on any room. Our products help create various themes based on their style and colours. From antique to modern and everything in between, we have the perfect tiles and panels for every Birmingham property.

Installation and Maintenance

When installing our products, you will have a few options. Our wall panels are easy to install directly onto a flat surface. If you are not sure what type of adhesive to use, we are happy to provide you with our recommendations. Our ceiling tiles can be installed using the drop in or glue up method, depending on the type of tile you choose. Both methods are easy and we provide complete instructions.

Once the installation is complete, you will love how your new surfaces require little to no maintenance. While they can be repainted, all you really need to is give them a gentle wipe from time to time and this will keep any dust at bay.

Birmingham Delivery

brush strokes wall muralsWe understand how important it is to complete renovations on time. To help keep your plans on schedule, we offer several delivery options. If you place your order before 1 pm EST on a business day, it will be shipped that same day. If you place your order after this, it will ship the following day. We also offer regular shipping and overnight shipping if you are in a hurry to receive your order.

We deliver throughout the USA and Canada, including Birmingham. There is nothing more convenient than ordering our products online and having them delivered to your door.